FIX: Out of the blue my Note 3 randomly reboots.

My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 started to randomly reboot yesterday (20th April 2016). It was puzzling to say the least because I had not installed anything new and had only run some Google updates. The one or two apps that I had installed, I removed, but it made no difference. So I began to troubleshoot.

It rebooted if I did the following:

  1. Uninstalled an app or installed an app.
  2. Switched on / off WI-FI.
  3. Switched on / off data.
  4. Opened more than 3 or 4 Google Apps.

So I checked to see if there was a new version of my ROM. There was, so I did a backup, and then upgraded to the new Temasek’s unoffical Build v6.9 ROM. Sadly this made no difference. The problem persisted.

Then I checked GAPPS and noticed there was a new Open GAPPS as of the 20th April 2016. Coincidence!!!! I think not!

FYI: The one I flashed is called

It has updated a whole host of files and I am fairly confident I have found the cause of the problem.

Holiday in Mexico City – Part 1.


Here we sit in bar in Mexico City International Airport. Our flight is delayed by 6 hours, so there is no better time to tell you about our holiday in Mexico City and the surrounding areas.

Jo and I left London on the 8th April in a Bow’eing 747-400 , yes a very old Jumbo jet. We flew business class as this was a special occasion. (Jo’s first time in an aeroplane with a fold down bed).


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Look at Bowens first GoPro video.

Watch “Mike & Jo mastering the ski lifts at Schmittenhöhe, Austria” on their GoPro Hero 4 silver.

We recently went skiing at Zell Am See in Austria, where I used my GoPro Hero 4 Silver to capture some video footage. I took over 140 HD videos over the 6 days and have been going through the clips using the GoPro studio. I made this short 1 minute video while learning to use the program.

I hope to create a few more short videos of our skiing.

I will do a review on the GoPro Hero 4 Silver in May when I have some time, as I will be using it again on an upcoming Mexican and Bali trip.

Let us know via the comments what you think about the video.

Waitin’ On A Sunny Day by Bruce Springsteen

It’s rainin’ but there ain’t a cloud in the sky
Musta been a tear from your eye
Everything’ll be okay
Funny thought I felt a sweet summer breeze
Musta been you sighin’ so deep
Don’t worry we’re gonna find a way

I’m waitin’, waitin’ on a sunny day
Gonna chase the clouds away
Waitin’ on a sunny day

Without you I’m workin’ with the rain fallin’ down
Half a party in a one dog town
I need you to chase the blues away
Without you I’m a drummer girl that can’t keep a beat
And ice cream truck on a deserted street
I hope that you’re coming to stay

I’m waitin’, waitin’ on a sunny day
Gonna chase the clouds away
Waitin’ on a sunny day

Hard times baby, well they come to tell us all
Sure as the tickin’ of the clock on the wall
Sure as the turnin’ of the night into day
Your smile girl, brings the mornin’ light to my eyes
Lifts away the blues when I rise
I hope that you’re coming to stay