Chye Seng Huat Hardware (coffee shop Singapore).

Two weeks ago I was in Singapore for business and thanks to my colleagues and friends I got to experience Singapore like never before. Here is one such local place that I visited for food and drink which I recommend you visit.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware (Google+ page)

DD9FC85CA3A132B4741929F985D46At first glance this unassuming place looks like it has a burglary problem with all the security bars, but once inside the large metal gates one sees a very pleasant, welcoming coffee shop that does food, pastries and of course coffee.

It was lunchtime and I was missing some good British food so decided to try their version of Bangers and Mash.

The presentation of the food was spectacular, although my dirty mind turned it into something it was not.

Bangers and mashIt tasted all right, although it was never going to compete with a traditional English meal. I wasn’t too sure about the white sausage though and ended up leaving it.

For desert I had some pastries and a coffee, which was delicious.

It is all about the coffee though and if you are a coffee connoisseur and live in or are visiting Singapore then Chye Seng Huat Hardware is a must place to visit. They even have their own coffee roaster and sell bags of coffee to the public.

Address: 150 Tyrwhitt Rd Singapore 207563

Bowen at Chye Seng Huat Hardware in Singapore

Bowen at Chye Seng Huat Hardware in Singapore

The photo right at the top of the page is not mine.

Ranger Bluetooth Palmtop Keyboard II.

My latest most awesome gadget is a 66g Bluetooth 3.0 Palmtop Keyboard II from Ranger. I bought it in Singapore for $55 at the Funan Digital Store. It connects to anything that has Bluetooth.

Ranger Palmtop Keyboard II Bluetooth Touchpad & laser Pointer

So far I have tested it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and was able to fully control the phablet, and was even able to move the mouse around the screen and click into icons, folders, move forward and backwards, just like one would on a computer. Everything can be controlled with this keyboard and touch pad mouse. If it works this well on my phablet then it must work even better on a Tablet given the size of the screen.


I have also tested it on an iPhone 5S. It only worked on apps where one needs to type. It is not able to control anything else, nor does the touch pad work, which SUCKS to be honest, but then frankly why would anyone bother on such a small screen? It just goes to show how super awesome an Android device can be!


I also tested it on my Dell Latitude E6330, which doesn’t have Bluetooth (can you believe it?), but the most awesome keyboard comes with a USB Bluetooth 3 dongle, which hides underneath the keyboard in its own storage area and once it was placed into my laptops spare USB port it paired effortlessly. Not only that, but I was able to use the same dongle to send and receive files. (Technology is awesome)!


I bought it for my Samsung Smart TV back home in England and have yet to test it out, but will update this post on the weekend when I am back in the land of the rain cloud. It is also compatible with Xbox 360 (although I don’t recall having Bluetooth built-in). It is also compatible with PS3, which again I will test when I get home. If it connects to laptops then it will connect to All-in-One computers as well.


On the box it says it supports the following devices:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, CE, 7, 8.
  • MAC OS 10.2.8 and above.
  • Android 3.0 and above.
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 and above.
  • Nokia Symbian S60.
  • MAC IOS: iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Sony PS3 Player, Linux (Debian 3.1, Redhat 9-0, Ubuntu 8-10, Fedora 7.0).

It has a lithium-ion battery built-in, comes with a USB cable for charging. It measures (LxWxH): 154×62.5x12mm

Finally here is a Keyboard Diagram.

20140304_005556Company website:


BLNX was my first best ever trading experience.

Nothing perks ones interest in stocks and shares when you hear others around you making money. Even worse is when one works in a finance company and everyone around you has a portfolio and you don’t. In fact it is damn right embarrassing when someone asks you how your portfolio is going? Huh! what portfolio?…. Okay moving on.

So I started to read up on stocks and shares, but to be honest I didn’t have a clue where to start. There were a few guys in the office that were trading AIM shares and always willing to offer tips or advice, but I was hesitant as I didn’t want to lose my money for the fun of it. One day a colleague of mine asked me about a company called BlinkX (LON:BLNX). At the time BlinkX did video indexing and had a patent or two for some fancy technology they were using on the videos they were indexing. Back then video was just taking off on-line especially on websites such as Youtube. I remember looking at the share price and it was trading around 60p and I told me colleague I was going to invest £100 in BLNX. He told me to wait until the share price dropped back down to 50p-55p as I had missed the boat. I went back home and read everything there was on BlinkX and I was convinced they were onto something big and the chances of the price going down was slim.

blinkxAnd so on the 6th of August 2010 I bought 160 shares in BlinkX and started my portfolio. As small as my share count looked it was an incredible feeling watching the price rise.

From the outset it was a great share to be invested in. I bought when I could afford it and sold when it was peaking. I quickly made a profit and reinvested it back into BLNX. When my colleague told me to sell I would hold on for a little longer before selling some for a bigger profit and it worked out brilliantly.

BLNX Success

A year later I was headed to Spain to walk part of the Camino with my Mom and I knew it would be difficult to keep an eye on my shares while I was away, so on the 16th of September 2011, I sold everything for 153.15p, a few pennies short of BLNX highest price. It was an excellent end and I made a tidy profit. It closed on 152p that day. The price briefly rose a few days later to a record high of 156p before going into a free fall. It was a great time to be out of BLNX. :-)

BLNX Sell All

When the dust settled in April 2012 I got back into BLNX at a price cheaper than when I first bought them (46.20p). The fundamentals were there, people on the forum were all bullish and confident and I believed BLNX could reach those record highs again. It took a while to rise, but when it did, it was worth the wait because in mid 2013 it took off in a big way. It was awesome being in BLNX again. :-) BLNX buying back

At 189p I sold everything having made almost four times my original investment. At the time of selling It was my best investment ever. The share price carried on and recorded a high of 234.75p before crashing in a spectacular way by no fault of its own. (DYOR). BLNX is currently trading at 102.06p :-( but when it has found its bottom I will be buying back in.

My next post will be on Quindell Plc or QPP. They have just become my best investment ever and not just in shares but that is another story for another time.

Frustrating iPhone 5S.

Work CrapBerry or iPhone.. that was the choice. The iPhone was ordered and it arrived last Friday, which was perfect timing considering I had the entire weekend to figure it out, not that I was expecting to figure much out as this phone was made for the masses. :-)


Just to be clear… I have never owned an iPhone and NEVER will, but this post just reiterates why?


  • Oh frack, I can’t use my standard USB 2.0 cable to connect the phone to my PC. The plug is different and as a result I have to buy another cable, so then I can charge next to my bed or at my computer or at work PC (mmm, that gets a bit expensive).
  • Why is the phone so heavy when it is so small? It must be that long lasting battery!
  • Wow! The icons are so dull and boring, but it seems I am unable to change them anywhere. How crap is that?  
  • Damn, I can’t change the desktop background from the desktop in a quick easy manner, instead I have to tap through at least four screens in the settings to change the background. How BACKWARDS is that?
  • I installed Google Hangouts, BBM  (ha ha) because they are awesome chat apps. I wanted to share a photo with either, but it only gives me options to share to ‘Message, Mail, iCloud’ and Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, which are not currently installed on my iPhone.
  • Why are every letter on the keyboard in CAPITALS?
  • Why are the keys so small? Even a person with small fingers could experience “fat finger syndrome”.
  • Why is there no choice to change the look and feel of the keyboard? I mean come on, the keyboard is the most frequent used tool on a phone. For example I would like to see the numbers and punctuation on the letters instead of having to tap into a key to select them and then another key to go back to the letters. All these extra keys means a total waste of time. Also typing in passwords become a right royal pain.
  • I guess it would be asking too much to be able to theme my phone and I mean all menus, the notification bar and the pull up bar. Yes it would be!
  • In the App Store if I search for something and find it and then want to search for something else, I have to first clear down the search bar before I can search again.
  • Some Apps do not have a back out option or a back link so the only way of getting out of the current screen or back to the beginning is to double tap the menu button, close the app and re-open it (BBM app is a good example). I was told to not blame the phone for this, so I am blaming the OS because if Apple had stricter controls over their software they would insist all applications are standardized.
  • In Albums at the bottom of the screen are three icons (Photos, Shared and albums). If I am in Albums there is no way to go back one screen unless I tap on the other icons at the bottom.
  • I want to add a clock and weather widget – Oh! there aren’t any widgets. My bad!
  • On the strange pull up menu, I don’t use the torch or the crappy calculator, can I add my own icons or at least change these icons?
  • How do I change the rainbow effect on the pull up menu? It is so bleh!

Fortunately all I am going to be using on the phone is GOOD enterprise for email and the phone function and nt much else to be honest as it is quite simply sh*t, ah, so that is what the S stands for in iPhone 5S.

Clickety Click Dad would have been sixty six today.

Today would have been Dad’s 66th birthday. Always in my thoughts, tragically taken from us on the 23rd June 1999.


I hope the angels are throwing you a big party where ever you are. There will be no rest in peace today.

Miss you lots and lots
Love Mick

Battlefield 4 is awesome on a PlayStation 3.

I got an email from Origin yesterday to tell me my Battlefield 4 PlayStation 3 disk that I pre-ordered was delayed for some reason, but they saved the day by giving me a download code for the digital copy (Genius as BR discs are so old school). I went to my PS3 Account Management Redeem Code section and after entering the code it told me there was not enough space, That is because my PlayStation 3 is old school and is one of the original 40GB versions from 2007. Bummer! Battlefield-4-Art

Reading up on the model I discovered Its actually got 37GB to start with a 3GB partition used up by the system and profiles. I checked my system and found I had roughly 26GB free. 11GB was being taken up by my Battlefield 3 saved games and game data, so figured the new BF4, which was 12GB’s would be more than enough but alas it kept saying “Not enough disk space”.

I had read earlier that the PS3 was made to be upgraded with easy access to the hard disk (unlike the maze one has to go though on the Xbox). Armed with a Philips screwdriver and a few simple steps (as described here by one can easily remove the 40GB 2.5″ disk and replace it with a larger 2.5″ SATA disk.

Fortunately I had an old broken HP Pavilion Dv9000 Laptop from 2006, which came to the rescue as I remembered It contained 2 x 120GB SATA hard drives.

I first backed up my PlayStation 3 onto a 32GB microSD via my SWEEX CR013 USB card reader  which took about 35 minutes. I then swapped the SATA disks, the PS3 automatically formatted the 120GB disk, and then I restored the backup (BF3 and profiles) back onto it. Then I entered the redeem code and downloaded the 12GB BF4 file. It took about an hour to download and another 30 minutes to install.

Battlefield 4 loads quickly and plays perfectly well. The graphics are awesome and there is no lagging or lock ups whatsoever. I am quite impressed and there I was thinking that I needed to upgrade to the PlayStation 4.  Maybe in 2015!

Car Rental – Thrifty Tower Bridge branch is brilliant.

I recently hired a BMW from the Tower Bridge branch of and I can tell you the service and experience was excellent. The price was equally good considering they beat every other car hire place I looked at for a BMW 320D. The website was very easy to use, and picking the car was simple. Shortly after placing the booking, I received an email with the details attached in a PDF file.


The day before I was meant to pick up the car I received a reminder from Thrifty Tower Bridge, which was a nice touch. (yes probably automated but still it is great they care). I arrived ten minutes before pick-up time and was greeted by a very friendly man called Frances. He was very cheerful despite the miserable weather outside. He ran through all the details with me in his office, and he was extra helpful when it came to the insurance and costs etc.

BMW 320D

One thing I will say – Make sure you bring all the necessary paper work as stated in the email or PDF file. Without those documents Thrifty will not hire you a car. There are quite a few negative comments on Google, clearly by someone who arrived with no papers expecting to hire a car. Not Thrifty’s fault at all.

I had all the correct paperwork and was in and out their offices in under 15 minutes. Thrifty guarantee to give you a car upgrade if your vehicle is not available on the day. It so happened mine wasn’t so Frances bumped my rental up to a lovely brand new BMW 320D Estate. It had a little under 3000 miles on the clock. 

It was a lovely car to drive for our two week holiday and if ever there was a ever a great place to test out a car, Scotland and the Lake District must be the place. 

Something I learnt today when I dropped off the car. Thrifty own their cars unlike other car rental places that lease their cars. They also pay high insurance for them and if you cannot bring the right documents as stated then why should they trust you with their expensive cars.

Would I buy a BMW 320D Estate = Maybe, unless it had all the bells and whistles (electric mirrors, seating adjustments, spare wheel, front sensors, lane sensors etc). This one didn’t, but it had everything else, so that is why I said maybe. It was quite crap getting into my car and not having all of the above. Still my car isn’t costing me anything so until it go kaput it will have to do.

The thug Iain Dale and the blog about the incident he doesn’t want you to see.

You might have read about a blogger scrapping with a protestor at a political conference recently, if not take a look at the video below.

You can also see photographs and a report by Sky News.  The blogger was Iain Dale, the drive-time presenter of LBC 97.3 radio, the same presenter who recently won ‘radio presenter of the year’.

So what happened: Iain Dale is the publisher for some blokes book and while the author was being interviewed by ITV, a protestor (Stuart Holmes) moved into the camera view with his anti-nuclear placard. Iain not wanting the protestor to steal the authors thunder, rushed over to him and tried to forcefully push him out of the way. The protestor held his ground, and in the process both ended up on the ground in a scuffle, with Iain trying desperately to lick the dirt off the Brighton pavement. In the confusion the dog bit its owner and you can hear him scream.

Being an avid blogger Iain Dale decided to write about his experience on his blog.

Not found

NO, you are not going to find that post where he boasts about “what a self respecting publisher would do?”, because Iain got such a backlash from the public, he removed the post off his website along with all the comments. (#FAIL).

I can tell you though most people were disgusted (including me) that he thought he could bully the protestor into moving off.  Most people said he assaulted the protestor, which if you look at the video and photographs, he most certainly did manhandle the elderly gentleman to the ground.  Lots of people were hoping the protestor would report Iain Dale to the police and lots of people questioned his motives (Money, greed, being above the law) and said he should apologize instead of bragging about it online.

Here is the blog Iain Dale wrote.

iain dale thug blogger

Two days later common sense prevailed and the police quizzed him as reported by Sky News and on the same day a grovelling STATEMENT AND APOLOGY was followed by Iain Dale via his blog.   Today he is still referring to the incident in his latest post as if everyone knows about it.


No wonder he didn’t get ‘Publisher of the year’.

Source: Sky News, Iain Dale blog, Youtube.