Look at Hue!

Today the Bowen’s house stepped into the 21st century. All our lights can now be control by voice, mobile, tablet, PC or neither, because they are automated and know when to turn on or off. Limitless possibilities they say!

Starter Kit

I invested in a Philips Hue because they have great ratings and reviews and I know a few people who are running them and all I have heard is praise.

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Ten years ago on this day Bowen became British Citizens.

On this day ten years ago, Jo and I became British citizens. Although we had been in the country for a very long seven years, it was worth the wait getting the certificate and passing that ridiculously easy Britishness test.

How time flies when one is having fun. Great Britain rocks!

Talking fun the only way to prove it is to look at some of our photo galleries. Click the link…

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A GoPro time lapse video of a sunrise in Singapore.

I visited Singapore last week on the back of a trip to Houston Texas the week before. Of course my body clock was all screwed up. When I was meant to be sleeping I was wide awake, so I decided to make use of the extra time by making a time lapse video of a Singapore sunrise. They are beautiful. I used my GoPro Hero 4 Silver, and set the time lapse to take a photo every 60 seconds.

The above video was edited using GoPro Studio.

The GoPro Hero 4 Time Lapse feature is pretty cool.

I did a 60 second time lapse of us building our tent at Oldbury Hill campsite in Kent over the weekend.

It is quite a cool feature. I placed the GoPro Hero 4 Silver onto a tripod. Surprisingly it does not use a lot of space at all because all it is doing is taking one photo at time every 60 seconds.

Then a I did a 30 second time lapse of us pulling the tent down.

The GoPro Studio is quite clever in that it recognizes the photos as a time lapse sequence without the need for me to add them, thus saving some time.  It didn’t take long at all to make the above videos. I could have added sound and more text but for the short video there was need.