Goodbye 2005!

So the last day of 2005 is here. Where did this year go? It feels like yesterday it was the 1st of January and now it’s almost tomorrow. Does that make sense? It sounded right when I wrote it. 😉

So this will be my last post for the year and to mark the day I have decided to change my theme “again“… The beauty of wordpress I guess. (but it’s only a slight change, and I doubt it will be noticed).

I also upgraded my wordpress to version 2.0 – It’s pretty cool, once you are logged into the admin section. There are some nice touches in the post/page editor and a new look theme viewer and a couple of cool plugins that are now built-in. Definitely worth the upgrade if you are still on version 1.5.x.

Happy New Year 2006

And that is about all I have for now. Have yourself a fantastic new years eve.

Is this for real?

I was wondering exactly the same thing when I saw it for the first time. Believe it or not, this photo was taken recently during the snowfalls that swept across England.

WW2 Hurricane fighter plane

It’s at Eden Camp near Malton, Yorkshire. So saying that, can anyone explain this photograph?

Stop stealing my letters.

Stop stealing my letters

For those people that have visited Just Letters, you will know that it’s very difficult to write a complete word, let alone a sentence without someone stealing your letters. But it’s been done successfully. See if you can spot the words. (Yes, I am very bored, and I can’t wait for the holidays in 3 days 18 hours and 54 seconds). ha ha!!!

It’s a girl!

Congratulations to Peter and Lauren on the birth of Kyra Lee. She was born at 10:36am this morning. She weighed in at 3.75kg.

Mommy and Kyra
Mommy and Daddy and Kyra are doing fine.Daddy and Kyra
Also congratulations to Mom for becoming a granny at long last.
Granny and Kyra
Mom, you can drop your guard now and start to feel old. (ha ha) 😉
Tristen and Kyra
And finally Tristen, I bet you are feeling very big and important, now that you have a little sister to look after.

Phew! Jo you and I can relax now, the pressure is off.

Of course that means Jo and I have become Aunt and Uncle, which will be reflected in my msn name for the next couple of days. Now that does make us sound old. 🙁

If you want to see more photos, then click here or visit

Steve Davis in the final!

Steve Davis bt Stephen Hendry

Someone at work, (Barrett79) recently laughed at me when I said I was backing Steve Davis for the 2005 UK Championship.

Well Barrett79 I hope you are laughing now, because 48 year old Steve Davis has just beaten loser kid Stephen Hendry in a thrilling match.

At one stage Davis was 7-1 up, but Hendry hung in there and brought the scores almost level at 8-6. He had a fantastic break of 59 and then missed the black (silly boy), which left Davis having to get all the balls to win. It went right down to the last black ball, which went in with a wobble giving Steve Davis his 100th final. bet

It also means I won another bet on – These guys are going to ban me soon, after all the winnings I have taken off them in the last month. 😉

Barrett79, if you want a betting tip, you can start by listening to your wise colleague… 🙂

The baby is three days way!

Ha! Ha! had you fooled there. Not ours, no no no!!!, I am talking about my brother Pete and his lovely wife Lauren. Lauren had a check up and the doctors say the baby should be born on Monday the 19th of December. So it’s almost there. I bet they must be getting really excited now.

Pete, I can imagine the anguish you must be going through and the thought of no more partying, no more loud music, lots of sleepless nights ahead, 🙂 (ha ha). But we will be thinking of you guys and holding thumbs that everything goes well on Monday.

Oh! and don’t forget to light up a big cigar when the baby is born. 😉 – You deserve it!