What’s next from Google?

A good question to ask, considering Google has released Google Page Creator (Beta). If you have a Google account then you will be able to login and create your own custom web page. Google offer some templates and some layouts, but everything else is up to you. They give you 100MB space which is more than enough for even a complex web site.

£50 000 000 robbery! – Wow!!!

Wow!, everytime I read Sky Online the amount those robbers stole is increasing. Last night it was £25 million and this afternoon it’s an incredible £50 million. It sounds like these crooks had it well planned out. Most likely an inside job or how would they have known there were untraceable bank notes being held there. To think that this robbery took place on our doorstep is just amazing.

The authorities are offering a £2 million pound reward, which gets me thinking that perhaps they got away with a lot more than they are reporting on the news.

The crooks truck used in the robbery.
(This CCTV photo comes from Sky Online).

Last.fm Player

I came across this brilliant radio community called Last.fm – It is free to join and once you download the player or the plugin for your music software, you are able to listen to CD quality music. The best thing is, you are able to customize it according to your taste of music, so if like me, you like Bon Jovi, U2, Bryan Adams, The Killers, Collective Soul, Counting Crows, Matchbox Twenty to name but a few, you just tell it what you like, or pick your music genres or music tags, and the station will play similar sorts of music randomly. It also cleverly keeps track of everything you have listened to, so if you want to reference it at a later date you can.

I’ve even added a plugin (called Scrobbler) to my web site that shows you what I have been listening too. (see my sidebar). It’s really cool. And it looks like these guys are quite dedicated because they have just updated the whole package with a bunch of extra features. Have a look. It’s highly recommended.


$70 000 000 Penthouse for sale – Interested?

This penthouse is for sale at $70 000 000.
The penthouse located at The Pierre Hotel encompasses the top three floors. Spectacular 360-degree views of Manhattan are found in this incomparable property. This French château is located within one of the world’s greatest five star hotels. As the New York Times said, it is perhaps "the best in the world". It encompasses 16 grand rooms – including five master bedrooms, 7 full baths and three half-baths, five working fireplaces, oak flooring with mahogany borders throughout, separate guest suites plus staff accommodations. The living room is considered the most magnificent privately owned room in the world. This incredible space was the original ballroom at The Pierre Hotel, with 23 foot high curved ceiling and 20 foot French doors overlooking the park and the city. Four adjoining terraces add to its phenomenal dimensions. This is without question the most important and spectacular penthouse in the world.

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