The Boat Race is on Sunday.

My money is on Cambridge winning the boat race this year after the news that Cambridge weighed in 5 pounds heavier. Two thirds of all the races have been won my a heavier crew.

The race starts from Putney Bridge at 4:32pm and finishes at Barnes.

There are loads of places along the river to catch the excitement.

Monkey Gland Sauce.

I was describing monkey gland sauce to a colleague this morning and I could see him looking at me and thinking "that Bowen is talking the biggest load of ……",  so I looked it up on Google and Wikipedia have an excellent definition for it.

Monkey-gland sauce has nothing to do with monkeys, but is a very popular South African sauce that usually consists of a marinade of fruit chutney, red wine (or tomato sauce), and hot sauce. It is mostly used to prepare the dish Monkey-gland Steak

Scumbags… how annoying!

I got my car back from Skoda yesterday after they supposedly blew the engine. It’s going like a rocket now, well exactly the same as it was before I took it to them. (ha ha), trust me, stay well away from Skoda Sidcup… Everything they touch turns to broken.

So there I was driving back to the station when I decided to visit B&Q over at North Greenwich. I parked outside MacDonald’s and was in the shop for about 5 minutes, came back to the car and discovered some scumbag had keyed my car from the petrol cap to the front mirror.

I stood there looking at it in disbelief. I’ve only just paid off my last bit of vandalism to the car and now this… I just wonder what sort of person goes around keying cars? What is going through their peanut brains? Fortunately my car is not coated with metallic paint, because if it was it would have been a lot worse, but still it’s totally unnecessary. I just don’t understand the mentality of people who do these things.

News Update!

So most UK car owners got screwed yet again by the government after they announced the new car tax bands? We’ve just purchased our car tax for this year and it was £118, which is relatively low considering I have a 1.9Turbo Diesel (which by the way, is still at the garage because Skoda somehow managed to blow my turbo engine), but going back to the car tax, next year I will pay £110, so thank you Mr Brown for saving me £8. Gordon Brown
Peter My brother Peter visited us yesterday, well it was brief stop over to the say the least. He came up from Portland where he is based on a cable laying ship. He needed to fetch a laptop I got him, so it was a matter of him getting a 3 hour train trip from Weymouth to London Waterloo, then to Canary Wharf, managed to have some dinner at Tootsies in Jubilee Park, and then he was on his way back to Weymouth.

Pix-en-ate What a brilliant web site PXN8 (pronounced pix-en-ate) is? PXN8 is an online image editor with a user interface developed with standard web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) which are available by default on all modern web browsers. It does the basics fast and you can have an edited photo on your site in no time at all.
Here is Anna Kournikova beautiful legs before editing.
Unedited Anna
Here is Anna Kournikova beautiful legs after editing.
Edited Anna

Happy St Patrick’s day.

Today I'm the designated drunk
Here is the Irish Lass as promised. I found a whole bunch of them on Irish Glamour, might be a good idea not to visit this site during work hours as there are some dodgy photos. But hey! it’s Friday, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Don’t forget there is a F1 GP at 6am on Sunday. Schummie will be the winner.

Mr Bowen, we have blown your turbo…

What’s that headline all about? Well I’ll tell you.

I took my Skoda Vrs to the dealer yesterday to have my wing mirror replaced (*it got vandalised on New Years Eve – Great neighbourhood I live in). Skoda also had to replace a broken fog lamp and a recalled gear cable and various other minor niggles I have had since owning the car. Anyway, I get a call yesterday afternoon to tell me all is fine and that I owe them £100 for the excess. No problem there. I offer to pay, and then get told there is a problem. The garage mechanics noticed (lots of oil) under the car, and when they went to move the car out of the garage the turbo wasn’t working…. (yeah! right).

What I want to know is how the hell do you blow a turbo engine in a garage? And isn’t it amazingly lucky that it blew while it was in the garage under the careful trained eye of a skoda mechanic?

Courtesy Car

So basically we have a Courtesy Car for the next N days, as they cannot tell me when the engine/turbo will be replaced, which is not major because the car they gave us in return is a brand new (Skoda Octavia 2.x TDI). It has plenty of power and is very comfortable inside. I will be testing out it’s turbo just for the hell of it. Pity about the big white letters on the side of the car. I would have prefered FAST CAR – BEWARE!!!

South Africa achieved the unbelievable!

Taken from Super Sport’s web site, "South Africa achieved the unbelievable when they smashed 438 in 49.5 overs to win the fifth one-day international by one wicket and the series 3-2 against Australia at the Wanderers on Sunday.

On a memorable day clogged with records, South Africa fully deserved their victory simply because they had to follow Australia where no other team has come close to going before. Inspired by an innings of perfection from Herschelle Gibbs, batsman after batsman showed up at the crease and kept ploughing on. This time there was no choking".

Taken from Sky Sport’s web site, "Australia 434-4 (R T Ponting 164, M E K Hussey 81, S M Katich 79, A C Gilchrist 55) v South Africa 438-9 (H H Gibbs 175, G C Smith 90, M V Boucher 50 no, N W Bracken 5-67)
South Africa beat Australia by 1 wkt South Africa secured an historic one-day international victory as they somehow managed to top Australia’s record breaking total to win by one wicket."

Ten highest limited-overs totals
1. 438-9: (49,5 overs) South Africa beat Australia in Johannesburg, 2006
2. 434-4 (50 overs) Australia lost to South Africa in Johannesburg, 2006
3. 398-5 (50 overs) Sri Lanka beat Kenya in Kandy, 1996
4. 397-5 (44 overs) New Zealand beat Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, 2005
5. 391-4 (50 overs) England beat Bangladesh in Nottingham, 2005
6. 376-2 (50 overs) India beat New Zealand in Hyderabad, 1999
7. 373-6 (50 overs) India beat Sri Lanka in Taunton, 1999
8. 371-9 (50 overs) Pakistan beat Sri Lanka in Nairobi, 1996
9. 368-5 (50 overs) Australia beat Sri Lanka in Sydney, 2006
10. 363-7 (55 overs) England beat Pakistan in Nottingham, 1992

Alonso took the win at the Bahrain GP.

We watched the F1 this morning, a bit disappointed that Michael Schumacher couldn’t take the win, but Alonso was just too good on the day… Fair play to him for the win… This years Formula 1 is going to be awesome, judging by what we saw today. So many excellent drivers, Button, Rosberg, Kimi, Alonso, Michael, etc.

Start of the F1 Season.

@TM pulling a finger Happy birthday Andrew (@™). We hope you have an excellent er’ 21st birthday today.   Don’t work too hard and get that lovely missus of yours to spoil you rotten.

On a another important note, if you are a die-hard F1 fan like the Bowen’s are, you will know that this weekend is the start of the Formula 1 season and it kicks off at Bahrain. As it’s Friday I thought I would get everyone in the mood (men and women alike) with a picture of the team that is going to win this year. We hope Ferrari (Michael Schumacher or Felipe Massa) have what it takes to win the races. Their fans below seem excited. Damm I wish we were in that crowd.

Crazy Ferrari F1 Fans

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