The Boat Race is on Sunday.

My money is on Cambridge winning the boat race this year after the news that Cambridge weighed in 5 pounds heavier. Two thirds of all the races have been won my a heavier crew.The race starts from Putney Bridge at 4:32pm and finishes at Barnes….

Monkey Gland Sauce.

I was describing monkey gland sauce to a colleague this morning and I could see him looking at me and thinking "that Bowen is talking the biggest load of ……",  so I looked it up on Google and Wikipedia have an excellent definition for it….

News Update!

So most UK car owners got screwed yet again by the government after they announced the new car tax bands? We’ve just purchased our car tax for this year and it was £118, which is relatively low considering I have a 1.9Turbo Diesel (which by…

Start of the F1 Season.

Happy birthday Andrew (@™). We hope you have an excellent er’ 21st birthday today.   Don’t work too hard and get that lovely missus of yours to spoil you rotten. On a another important note, if you are a die-hard F1 fan like the Bowen’s…