Five years!

Yet another long weekend has started, quite a significant one I might add, as it was this weekend 5 years ago that I got married to my lovely, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, thoughtful wife Jo. So to celebrate, we are going away for a romantic weekend ūüėČ There will be no updates from until Tuesday. […]


√ā¬£1/litre for petrol & diesel.

This is very annoying. Why should we the poor consumer have to pay such ridiculous prices for petrol or diesel when the petrol companies (Esso, BP, Shell) are all making billions of pounds profit. It just doesn’t make any sense. The government should step in and say "No more price rises", but they won’t because […]


Schumacher is back!

Isn’t that a sweet sight to see, Schumacher beating Alonso to the line. I thought Schummie drove a patient race, and didn’t make any mistakes, even though he clearly had the slower car. Overall a fantastic result. As for the British man Button, Oh dear, he has Nigel Mansell luck. It just seems there is […]


A few changes to the site.

Yes, it’s that time of the year when various updates for the site have to be put in place. I noticed there was a new gallery release (Gallery version 2.1 (Blackjack). So ours has been updated. This is by far the best free open source gallery package out there. I have also updated the current […]


New kitten in da house!

We’ve got a new family member in the Bowen household. His name is Whiskey and he is a 13 week old Tonkinese Tabby. A naughty little bugger full of energy. He has settled in well and is already prancing around as if he owns the place. We will be updating the Whiskey photo album as […]