Five years!

Yet another long weekend has started, quite a significant one I might add, as it was this weekend 5 years ago that I got married to my lovely, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, thoughtful wife Jo.

So to celebrate, we are going away for a romantic weekend 😉 There will be no updates from until Tuesday.

Have a good one!

£1/litre for petrol & diesel.

This is very annoying. Why should we the poor consumer have to pay such ridiculous prices for petrol or diesel when the petrol companies (Esso, BP, Shell) are all making billions of pounds profit. It just doesn’t make any sense. The government should step in and say "No more price rises", but they won’t because they too are making billions on the increase of the oil price. Something has to be done before it’s too late. I rekon we need to NOT BUY PETROL FOR A WEEK. If you can hold out that long, it will cost the petrol companies millions and the government millions, and then hopefully they can bring the price down.

Schumacher is back!

Isn’t that a sweet sight to see, Schumacher beating Alonso to the line. I thought Schummie drove a patient race, and didn’t make any mistakes, even though he clearly had the slower car. Overall a fantastic result.
That is a sweet sight to see.
As for the British man Button, Oh dear, he has Nigel Mansell luck. It just seems there is nothing he can do to win a race.

Can’t wait for the Nurburgring in two weeks time.

The start of a fantastic weekend.

I awoke this morning with a kitten sitting on my throat, a splendid way to be woken in the morning, also managed to talk to my Uncle and Cousin in New Zealand on Skype. They are 11 hours ahead of us and of course enjoying the weekend already. Isn’t Skype an amazing package?

The Queen is 80 years old today. I wonder when she is going to make Prince Charles a king. I bet he is thinking NEVER!

There is quite a lot happening this weekend. Sunday is St. Georges Day (England’s National Day). St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St. George’s emblem was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th centuary. The kings soldiers wore it on their tunics to avoid confusion in battle.

It is also the London Flora Marathon and there are going to be tens of thousands of mad nutters running for various charities. We are supporting the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, since they
F1 San Marino at Imola
There is also a Grand Prix this weekend at Imola. Of course Ferrari are going to do well (they better!!!).

Wow, have you seen ‘Performancing’ for Firefox?

I stumbled upon this brilliant Firefox Extension called Performancing, a great little utility that works with most blog software and also has support for Trackback, Technotati and

Speaka da English Bowen, what are you talking about?

  • It’s a full WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor and source editor.
  • It’s built into Firefox, and opens up on one click.
  • You are able to edit your website/blog while surfing the internet.
  • Click the graphic below to install the extension.

This blog was written with the perfomancing extension. It’s unbelievably easy to use and I didn’t even have to worry about the Techorati Tags, as it did it for me. I am very impressed.

Technorati Tags: , , ,

Where did the long weekend go?

Well, we had an enjoyable Easter weekend. Didn’t get up to much. Didn’t even eat an Easter egg! (Chocolate is bad for the teeth).

Watched a lot of TV (Lost, Prison Break, Heist, Hard Rain, Panic Room etc), had dinner with friends on Friday night and had a BBQ (braaivleis) today, mowed the lawn and cleaned up the weeds in my garden so we have clean garden at the moment.

Aha! and helped my brother Peter with his web site (, we upgraded his theme and added a few nifty plugins to the page. It’s looking really good.

I was over at and couldn’t help but notice his wonderful optical illusion on his web site. I’ve copied it and you can see it below.

Optical Illusion: If you look really carefully after a few seconds you’ll be able to see Toronto’s CN Tower in the background.
Optical Illusion

Also updated the photo album with some kitten photos. Our fast growing, naughty, energetic, mischief, sneeky, annoying (for some) kitten Whiskey has totally made our home his patch and there isn’t a space we can call our own without him bounding in and taking over.

I tried my hand at video editing and have managed to get a 13 second video of Whiskey tearing down the stairs to eat his food. It has been nicely edited for streaming over the internet. Now that I know how to do edit and publish video clips, I’ll add a few more when I get a chance. If you are wondering what editor I used, it’s a demo by Ulead called VideoStudio. Great little package priced at $44.

If you are thinking of the horrible thought of going back to work tomorrow, scroll up and take a look at that optical illusion again. It worked for me. What is tomorrow?

A few changes to the site.

Yes, it’s that time of the year when various updates for the site have to be put in place. I noticed there was a new gallery release (Gallery version 2.1 (Blackjack). So ours has been updated. This is by far the best free open source gallery package out there.

I have also updated the current theme of Lookatbowen to Vslider 2.0. The creator of this theme (Rui Pereira) is a genius. A big thanks to him.

I finally got the gallery working, used another theme by Rui for the gallery (really cool). I’ve had to make some minor changes to it to get it to work with my photos etc. I am using the WPG2 Plugin that allows Gallery2 to embed into WordPress and to make it look like the rest of the site. It is working at the moment, so if you want to look through the photo albums feel free.

Random Photos

I have also managed to get the Image Block Grid that you see on the sidebar to work. This has caused me so much problems, but thankfully it is working now. If you click on any of the photos under Random Photos, it loads that photo, and if you click on any of the Newest Albums, it loads that particular photo album.

Grand National – Bowen’s predictions.

This afternoon is the annual Grand National at Aintree, where by 40 horses line up to battle each other around the 4.5 miles (7,200 metres) race course. The race comprises of two full circuits of the 2.25 mile (3,600 metres) Grand National course, which is flat throughout.

There are 30 testing fences that the riders have to contend with and two special jumps. Each of the 16 fences on the course are jumped twice, with the exception of The Chair and the Water Jump, which are jumped on the first circuit only. The Grand National was first run in 1839 but only 11 favourites have ever won the race.

I am hoping Lord of Illusions Lord of Illusions comes in 1st and Jack High Jack High and Joes Edge Joes Edge  finish in the top five.