Schumacher’s still the best even if…

It appeared that he’d done a dirty during qualifying on Saturday afternoon. I am in-between thoughts at the moment  on that. I don’t know if I agree with the  stewards decision to put him last because it could have happened to anyone. What if someone else had crashed in those dying seconds of the lap and caused Alonso to ruin his lap, would they have penalised that person? 
Scumacher the fastest man on the track.
I agree he manages to do the most ridiculous things sometimes and I am in no way defending his actions in qualifying, but it just shows you how much he is feared amongst the other drivers. They all jumped on the band waggon to criticise him as if they are all saints. This just shows you that they can’t stand the fact that they can’t achieve even in their wildest dreams what Michael has achieved in his career.

Still, the race from his point of view was excellent. He started last and finished 5th, on a race track that is very difficult to pass and he managed to clock the fastest lap time. He is still my race driver of the day and funny enough the only person who can challenge Alonso. What does that say about the other drivers? Where did all those drivers making the snide comments finish?

Stuff on my desk is now US based.

After Friday’s server lockdown because there were so many people viewing our site, I decided to move StuffonmyDesk to a professional hosting company called BlueHost.

They are based in the US, and according to the many reviews I read, one of the best hosting sites around. You just have to see how high their Google page rank is when you are on their site to realize they are the real deal. And for $6.95 (< £4 per month), it’s a great deal for what you are getting. Anyway, it’s one less site I need to worry about if it all goes crazy again.  I might just move over to them as well.

Great News – We are almost British!

Yes, it’s true. We received a letter from the home office this morning telling us that our application for British Citizenship has been successful. It’s only taken six months 🙁  and a silly Britishness test!

Home Office

We are waiting for another letter to tell us when we can attend the Citizenship Ceremony and then I would imagine it will be a couple more bob before we have a British Passport.

We got our letters inviting us to the Citizenship Ceremony. It is on the 4th of July, so not long to wait now!

What a day for Stuff on my desk?

I noticed our unique hit counter on had gone through the roof and all because an Italian Technology Site called TGCOM had posted a full review of our site. 🙂
TGCOM - Thank you for the review.
Take a look, it’s in Italian, but if you can use Babelfish, to translate it from Italian to English, just type in their address and you will be able to read what they have said about us.
Site Summary for
Above are the site stats for the day. I can’t believe them either!

Monaco GP on Sunday.

Where has this year gone? It’s the Monaco GP already. Reading all the stories online it appears the Ferrari’s don’t have the pace for the race on Sunday, although one can never believe what you read until qualifying or even race day. Obviously qualifying is going to be key on Saturday as the track offers very few passing points.
F1 GP on Sunday.
For those who haven’t updated your Yahoo F1 Fantasy drivers and teams, best you do so today.

Yay! a long weekend!

Not an original photo if you are a fan of, but what the hell? It’s a fantastic photo.
Thats right, take it off.
Monday is bank holiday, (nothing special, don’t ask me what we are celebrating, because everyone I have asked doesn’t have a clue, but hey! it’s a day off).
Have yourselves a great weekend.