Schumacher shines at Hockenheim.

Schummie winning his third in succession.The seven times world champion has closed within eleven points of Alonso after winning his third race in succession. Wasn’t it wonderful seeing him and Massa storm away from Kimi, Button and Alonso? I wasn’t surprised to see Kimi and Button pit so early because I think they short filled their cars to get a better qualifying time, but the early stops certainly ruined their race.
But it was really good to see Alonso struggling back in 8th at one point. He must be getting really annoyed with his lack luss performance, or are we finally seeing that he is not so hot when his car is crap.


What’s next? – Pornotube!

You’ve seen and Google Video and a whole bunch of other interactive web sites showing off online videos. Well some clever dick (no pun intended) has gone and created Pornotube, where one can upload or watch the most intimate videos of debauchery, drunken mistakes or just plain voyeurism. Yes people, this site has it all, and it’s all free.

The videos are delivered in Flash and can be easily shared on external sites.
The site is very x-rated and it’s available for anyone to checkout. We won’t be linking to it here.

Bikini Wax!

Ha Ha, I saw this funny video on a site about girls having a bikini wax. They are obviously told it will not hurt, but watch their facial reactions.

NSFW: If you click on the link it will take you to, which for some might be a bit risky, especially if you are sitting at work. So you have been warned.

This weekend it’s the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim. I wonder if Michael Schumacher can win three in a row? Wouldn’t the German fan go nuts if he did? I’ll go nuts if he does. Race starts at 1pm.

New job – new challenges.

Today was my first day at CMA. I was quite stressed this weekend thinking about today, but the day passed quickly without any incident. I learnt a great deal today, about something I didn’t have a clue about (finance), but I can’t wait to learn more about it. I can’t really discuss what I am doing, as the nature of the work is very sensitive, but I can tell you the future is good.

2006 British International Motor Show

2006 British Internation Motor ShowWe spent the good part of today (7 hours) walking around the Excel Centre which is hosting this years British International Motor Show. To say the show in incredible, amazing, spectacular, wow! is the understatement of the year. If you live in London and love everything on four wheels, then you must go and see it. Tickets cost between £6 and £15 depending on when you go. We went in a group so the prices were discounted.

Plenty of sports cars to see.   Where there are cars there are girls   There were loads of concept cars on display

Film Loop – How cool is this program?

This is a film loop of my other site ( It’s a really cool little application I stumbled upon. When you click on the film loop it prompts you to save or open it. If you have the loop program loaded on your machine it automatically opens and runs it from there (full size, mini or pocket size). You can download the program from

Browse other film loops.

As well as creating your own loops you can browse thousands of other peoples loops and even subscribe to them. There are many categories as well. Once installed, you can drag and drop your photos into the application. It gives you various ways to save the film loop (animated gif, java, flash, html loop etc). These can then be uploaded to your web site or pasted into emails and sent as links. It is really cool. I highly recommend the download.