Oh dear, did you forget to turn off your microphone?

Ha Ha Ha! You must have heard about this on the news. One of CNN’s top television anchor ladies Kyra Phillips took a toilet break during a live speech by George W. Bush.  However, she forgot to remove her microphone, which was still on while she was in the loo. You can hear her over George’s speech telling a friend how wonderful her husband is and what a "control freak" her brothers wife is.

It’s already on YouTube.com with some added sound effects.

It would have been even funnier if she made a comment about George W. Bush.

Isn’t technology amazing?

Yes, I am guilty of not blogging for weeks. As you can see everything on my site is in much need of updating. I am working on it. I’ve got a new site that I am busy on, but there is no time do it (ha ha). What people will do for work? At least my payslip reflects all these hours I have worked so hard.

Anyway, have you seen the site called Sling Media – According to their site: "The Slingbox enables you to watch your TV programming from wherever you are by turning virtually any Internet-connected PC into your personal TV. Whether you’re in another room or in another city, you’ll always have access to your television". – WOW!


I have my Biometric British Passport. :-)

My British passport finally arrived in the post today. My European Union – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Passport to be exact (what a mouthful). It’s biometric as well so those nasty identity thieves cannot steal my information (ha ha yeah right!). What a load of bollocks!

The most important thing now is that I have my British passport. I have waited patiently for it for seven years and it feels absolutely great! – No more ridiculous expensive visas to enter France or Belgium or Germany. No more car searches at Dover. No more filling in stupid passport control forms on the planes.

So just out of curiosity, what benefit can I claim now? Please inform me via my comment button. (ha ha ha)…. bear in mind that I am married, own my own house, pay too much tax, pay too much council tax, and being British get screwed out of pocket by every conceivable government tax there is…

A war with two winners or a country with two losers.

So both sides won! Sky News is reporting that Bush thinks Hizbollah has suffered a defeat at the hands of Israel, while the Hisbollah leader is saying it’s an "Historic Victory". So who has won this war? These so called leaders just don’t have a clue. They think that shooting thousands of missles and bombs at each other is going to solve the problems. If anyone thinks this ceasefire is going to stand for longer than a month, then they must be kidding themselves.

Take a look at Sky News the next time you’re on there. There is nothing positive about the news that they report. It is depressing as hell. In a time when we really need good news, all we have to read is negativity. No wonder people want to blow us up. There is not one positive story on the main page.

I mean who the hell wants to know that Ariel Sharon’s health has gotten worse or that there are new photos of ailing Fidel Castro (Yipeee, I can’t wait to see them), read all about those nasty terrorists and how they are going to blow us up on aeroplanes. Why would anyone want to read about that? It’s not as if we haven’t seen it 500 times already on the telly or listened to it on the radio.

Oops, I think it's one giant lie for mankind.Well I found some good news at last. Nasa has apparently lost the original footage of man’s first steps on the moon. (Hey it wasn’t that important because it wasn’t real, but isn’t it a shame that it’s gone). Neil Armstrong’s historic moment was apparently seen by 600 million people in July 1969, but according to NASA the original tapes have been mislaid in their vast archive. (Now isn’t that a surprise). Damm, so now there is no real evidence that the event took place. Oops, maybe those horrible little green men from mars took it. This will only fuel those conspiracy theorists about what actually happened.  You would think if it was that important, the footage would have been locked up in one gigantic safe, along with all the other famous footage (e.g. the people who killed JFK, the landing of a space craft in Area 51, the death of John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Munroe).

At last! – Button wins his 1st Grand Prix.

At last! - Button wins his 1st Grand Prix.Wow!, what an exciting Hungarian grand prix? Normally this race is boring because there are limited places on the track to pass, but no one expected it to be a wet race, in fact this is the first time in the twenty one years they have been racing there that it has rained, so no one really knew what to expect. It caused plenty of cars to spin and there were some spectacular crashes. Unlucky Kimi Raikkonen was one of them. He smashed into Liuzzi’s Red Bull while trying to pass the back marker. Kimi was leading the race at the time.

Both Alonso and Schumacher drove extremely well from 15th and 11th respectively to move quickly through the field. They are without a doubt in a class of their own in wet and dry conditions. Alonso devasted the field in the first 30 laps and even lapped Schumacher at one point. Schummies tyres were no match for Alonso’s pace and it looked like Schumacher was going to struggle to even get a point. Button in the meantime was putting in fast laps and was driving a sensible race. I was kind of waiting for his car to blow up which it normally does when he is doing well. But, he soon started to catch Alonso by a second a lap and at one point was within 2 seconds of the leader.kimi going into the first corner.

Then the fun began. Alonso came into the pits for some new tyres, and upon leaving the pits you could see there was something wrong. He swerved a couple of times and two corners later he was in the barriers. We were jumping up and down with joy, at least Schummie could get some points and close that 11 point gap because at this stage Michael was moving through the field and was in 2nd position so a win was quite possible, if only he had gambled correctly when he came in for some fuel. Instead of putting on new tyres, he decided to keep his already worn intermediates, which was ok for a couple of laps but with the track drying out fast, meant his tyres became useless. De La Rosa managed to get past him although Schummie made him work for that position. Heidfeld soon caught him as well and disaster struck when the two tangled leaving Schumacher with a broken suspension. So no points for him or Alonso.

And so Button won the race quite comfortably in the end. I am happy he won. It’s about bloody time. It must have been pretty depressing having raced 112 times and not won a race. The curse is over! Lets just hope he doesn’t win anymore this year and spoil it for Michael Schumacher.

Kimi misjudged the speed of Liuzzi's Red Bull and slammed up the back of him.
SPECTACULAR CRASH: Kimi almost rolled over
Liuzzi’s Red Bull after hitting him from behind.

How to win at Glorious Goodwood?

On Saturday the 5th of August I went with a couple of friends to the horse racing at Goodwood in West Sussex. It becomes "Glorious Goodwood" when you bet on seven races and win money on six of them. That is an 85% strike rate. Last year was the first time I ever went to Goodwood and came home with a tidy profit of £150. This year I managed to finish with £250, having placed a £10 bet on each race. 

So, here are my tips on how to win at Glorious Goodwood:

  • Never bet on favourites unless the jockey is Frankie Dettori.
  • Always bet on complete outsiders with odds of 12/1 or 15/1 or there abouts.
  • Don’t bet from the same tote each time. Walk around and see if you can get a better deal. The electronic boards are not always the best.
  • Look out for catchy names, ones you cannot pronounce. They are sure winners.
  • If you see a horse at 33/1 or 66/1, do an each way on it. You never know, it might come in 2nd or 3rd or 4th and that is still a tidy profit.
  • Go to the races with a positive attitude and accept the fact that you will lose £70. Then when you win it’ll be a wonderful feeling.
  • Put your winnings in a seperate pocket or bag and don’t touch it, no matter what happens, because when your luck turns you do stupid things like put your winnings on the next race.
  • Finally, don’t bother reading those silly turf books or how the horse did in the last race or what position it came because they never turn out to be right.

Final Note: These tips are only for Glorious Goodwood.

Hello fun weekend!

My apologies for the lack of posts this week.  I haven’t really found the time to post anything because I’ve been so busy with the new job. It’s been a big lifestyle change, especially now that I have to get up at some sparrow fart time (early), take the train into London Charing Cross, work hard for 10 hours , then back home on the train, eat supper, and go to bed. Free time seems non existent at the moment. It should get better I am told. btw: the job is going really well. I’ve learnt so much in the past two weeks.

So what has been happening with the Bowen’s you may ask? – Well if you read above, not much!, but yesterday I received my electric guitar. Wt? – Yes I am going to learn how to play a musical instrument, which is not that outrageous as I have played the piano in my youth and messed around with a harmonica. Anyway, I saw a fantastic deal on Ebuyer, for an electric guitair at a dizzy price of £40. Nuts hey! – It came with an amplifier, a bag, a strap, three of those plastic things incase you have no fingernails like me (ha ha), and a flute thing . All I need now is a "learn to play guitar" and I’ll be the next Richie Sambora in no time at all.

This weekend is Glorious Goodwood and as I did last year, I am heading down there with a couple of mates. We have hired a luxury coach with drinks and TV  and music etc… It’s going to rock all the way there. Of course one can’t go to the races and not have a flutter on horses. Last year I picked two winners by fluke and one £150, so I will be trying again this year.

On Sunday it’s the F1 Hugarian GP. I am hoping Schumacher can continue his run of "brilliance" and show that little Spaniad a thing or two about driving a F1 car. I am quite sure he has the edge over him already, Scummie just has to keep winning and the crown will be his.