New High Score 2268669413.

This will be the last time I play this game, because:

  1. There is no point.
  2. The game is too easy for me.
  3. The music is going to drive me insane!
  4. I don’t have another 8 minutes to waste.
  5. It’s Christmas Eve.
  6. It is pretty pointless (a silly white bunny hopping onto bells… I mean really!).
  7. There is a beer waiting for me downstairs.
New High Score

Winterbells by

Have you tried Winterbells by yet? It’s a brilliant, simple yet very addictive and frustrating flash game. Basically you have to control the little white bunny with your mouse and make him jump on the bells. Every bell you land on, gets you points, and you move upwards into the heavens. Miss a bell and you tumble all the way back down to the ground and the game is over.

Lookatbowen's highscore 46620600

Every so often you will see a pigeon flying across the screen. Try and land on it, because it doubles your total points accumulated. I’ve noticed as well that the bells get smaller the higher you go. As you can see above I’ve been playing it quite a lot (ha ha). My high score so far is 46 620 600. Mmmm, I wonder if they will ever release this on the XBOX360?

mariposaHD – New and Unique.

According to their web site it’s completely new, and it’s never been done before… Huh!, what’s never been done before? – "mariposaHD is the world’s first High Definition TV show distributed directly on the Internet.  It is made by four ordinary guys, with consumer-grade equipment, in our living room.  It’s TV, 21st century-style".

Wow!, sounds interesting, especially since it makes use of HD technology and according to the web site it’s FREE (words I like to hear). They make use of P2P distribution, so basically you can use programs such as Zudeo (Powered by Azureus) or BitTorrent to download the episodes. The episodes are 1 GB in size, so a lot bigger than your average AVI or DIVX, but then they are not in HD quality.

You can also find the episodes at Dovetail. They are a browser-based media distribution platform that utilizes peer-to-peer transfers and streaming video previews.  Dovetail distribute in full 720p High Definition resolution. (Not bad for a web site).
P.S. Dovetail doesn’t support Mozilla Firefox – Hopefully they will get into the 21st Centuary soon. 😉

I’ll comment about the show in a week or two after I’ve downloaded a few and watched them.

USBCELL – What will they think of next?

AA Rechargeable Batteries

This NiMH AA cell can be used in normal battery applications and can be recharged simply by plugging into a USB port.

They have a capacity of 1300mAH, which is not great considering you get 2500mAH batteries. Also they take 5 hours to charge (that is very poor), the 2500mAH batteries can be charged within an hour if you have the right sort of charger. (UNiROSS Sprint 1H).

I would still buy them, just for the hell of it, to think you can plug them into any USB socket, such a laptop, PC or  XBOX 360, so while you are gaming, your batteries for your wireless controller are charging. This is a genius idea if there ever was one.  I believe they cost £12 for two.


Do I name and shame?

I bought a new PC a month ago from a well known online PC shop here is great britain (not so great at the moment). The demand for this particular PC was so massive, that they sold out in little under a week, and of course I was told I would have to wait until they got more PC’s in stock. So I waited, and waited and waited (3 long weeks went by), and the ****ers had already taken my money… Figures hey! Corrupt bastards!!!!

Finally I got told that it would be delivered today. So I made the effort, got up early and drove into work (well I drove to my wife’s workplace), where the PC was delivered. Got home, set it all up, only to discover the PC was in fact NOT the PC I had purchased. In fact it was a piece of shit, not even close to the spec computer that I paid good money for.

Me thinks, they did it delibrately, hoping an IT Genius like myself would not notice. Well you little ****ers I did, so there! You cheating corrupt son of mother gremlin eating a sack of  $!*£#ers!!!!!

So I’ve written them a not so polite ENOTE demanding my money back, and the very least they can do with their tails between their legs is send me the PC I ordered or ELSE!!!!!!

Online shopping – I just hate it when big name stores think they can rip us off!