Who would steal a wheelie bin?

Last week Friday we noticed our wheelie bin was missing. This is not unusual because the dustmen fetch the rubbish on Thursdays or Fridays and they tend to leave the bins along the pavement. But on closer inspection we discovered it had truly walked off and was no where to be seen. So we thought it must be those bloody neighbourhood kids at it again. Probably using it for whatever activities they get up too. But alas! How wrong we were?

Fat, female and a wheelie bin thief.
I had a look at our CCTV and who would have thought the person below was the guilty party. We captured her on CCTV on Friday morning 00:09 walking up to the bin, grabbing hold of it and walking off. I plan to print this photo and leave it on the wall of out local supermarkets. That should get some attention I am sure.

Have you seen this fat, blonde, wheelie bin thief?

Homeserve – Your 24 hour home emergency service.

I did a search online today and found Homeserve, who deal with emergencies such as leaking pipes, and they were absolutely brilliant. They gave me a single quote for £108, which was all I paid. The plumber a local lad from Crayford arrived within an hour of me making the call to Homeserve and he promptly got on with the job and fixed the problem. I reckon he took about 2 hours and he was on his way.

The website is a doddle to use and it tells you straight away if there is a local tradesman in the area and the price you will pay. I will certainly be using them again. Another reason why the Internet is such an amazing tool.

Happy (for some) New Year! – 2007.

Isn’t life just great? Just when you think everything is going well, along comes a burst water pipe and puts a damper on everything (wall, floorboards, carpet).

Of course it doesn’t help that the pipe that is leaking is stuck right away at the back of the bath where it is almost impossible to reach. It also doesn’t help that the bath is made of fibre glass, and it sheds hundreds of lovely microscopic fibres each time you brush your arm or hand past it. Afterwards it feels like you’ve been bitten by a thousand mosquitos.

And finally it doesn’t help that the gap between the bath, the leaking pipe and floor is only a few centimetres high, which means we can only use a very shallow tin to catch the excess water, which has meant "Yours Truly" has been checking on it every two hours or so (for the past 48 hours). Yawn!

In my next life, I will be a plumber. I called them today in the hope that one could come out and fix the problem as that is what I thought 24 hours Emergency Response meant, but alas they don’t work on bank holidays, and tomorrow it’s going to cost a minimum of £65 per 30 minutes of work + parts. I reckon it will take that times 2 just to remove the bath ūüôĀ

Happy New Year.