Aerosmith to play live in Hyde Park.

It’s been 8 years since Aerosmith played live in London. We just missed out seeing them back in 1999, by a few of months, so have been waiting patiently for their return. But’s it’s been a long wait and to hear that they will be playing in Hyde Park on the 24th of June is music to our ears.

They will be one of many BIG names to be announced for the festival called "London Calling", which will be held over the course of two days. I don’t care if the rest of the bands are crap, to see them as being my life long dream. I just hope they don’t play anything from that Bobo album because they were kak.

Why NOT to get Vista just YET?

I know a few people who have rushed out like muppets and bought the new Windows Vista expecting to get this wonderful new operating system, only to discover some of it’s obvious limitations or problems. It begs the question, why someone would buy something without testing it first (through the beta stages, get to know the bugs, the limitations, the likes and dislikes) or waiting to read what others have to say first. I guess it’s because there is a sucker born every day.

Anyway, here are some reasons “Why not to get Vista just yet?

Featured Site added to sidebar.

I have decided to add a new section to my web site called "Featured Site". You will find it to the right of this post. It is highly visible for all to see and is bound to get a lot of exposure. I get over four hundreds hits a day, and this is steadily increasing. So if you want to see your website here, then let me know. (We can make a plan as they say!).

So for the first featured site we have – They are specialists in photograhic tours and safaris and personalised sub-Saharan travel. The site is owned and operated by two South African brothers Brendan and Stewart Nolan.   They have an awesome website, showing off some fantastic photographs of the wildlife in South Africa and Botswana. Click on the featured site to the right to get an idea of what I am talking about.

If you want to contact them you can reach Brendan on (UK) 07711096709 and Stewart is available in South Africa  on +27 828753960.

OhMiBod – The best “new” gadget for horny babes.

Some clever, person (probably a woman) has invented a "nice toy" that plugs into an iPod, and it vibrates to the music that is being played. Whether this is a genuine thing or not, it’s pretty damm clever. So next time you see a woman girating to her iPod, you know why. 🙂

If you are skeptical, take a look at NOTCOT – Oh. Mi. Bod. There is a lot more information on this site.


It snows for a few hours and total chaos follows.

It snowed this morning for a few hours. For us English folk who rarely get to see snow, it was quite a bit (+-10 cm of the lovely white stuff). I bet you guys in proper snow areas must be laughing right now at that pathetic statement. (you laugh all you like).

Anyway, I left home at the normal time (6am), and slid my way down to the bus stop at the end of my street. The bus was late but the driver gave no explanation as to why he was late. I figured he had trouble getting out of bed this morning, or perhaps the bus driver was waiting for his company to say "they will not be driving in snow".

I eventually got to the station 10 minutes later, missed my usual train at 6:21, so I caught the next train to Cannon street, thinking I would change at London Bridge for Charing Cross. Everything was fine until we passed Crayford, then the train stopped. It wasn’t snowing, it was more like a mix of rain and sleet and it wasn’t heavy, and visibility was clear. After about ten minutes the train driver announces that there are 4 trains ahead of us, and the front train has broken down… GREAT!

{I always thought train operators were a bit thickSorry 🙂 Perception is a dangerous thing} but after today I have changed my mind. They are Geniuses. Well our train operator or train controller was a genius, because suddenly the train driver came back on the air and announced he was going to reverse and go back to Crayford, and then take the route via Lewisham, which he did in about 5 minutes. There was no delays, and surprisingly I got to work only 15 minute late. So well done to South Eastern Trains.

Sadly though the rest of the line was badly disrupted. You wonder how? It’s just a bit of snow. These big heavy trains weighing thousands of tons can’t handle fluffy water on the track.  It’s really pathetic. How do countries like Norway, Sweden, Canada cope during winters where the temperature drops to below -10.

And how can the underground trains be disrupted as well?

New logo and theme!

I felt a bit bored with our previous WordPress theme, so found a new one which looks really fresh, and is easy on the eyes. It even works with my photo gallery, so that was a bonus.

I also designed our header and have created a custom avatar for forums and a favicon for our bookmarks. I think they look really cool. What do you think? I used Paint Shop Pro to create the logo and used a little plugin called Eye Candy 4000.