Trafalgar Square goes green.

It doesn’t look right now does it? Trafalgar Square with grass. But a clever idea none of the less and when the sun is shining there is nothing better than sitting on the grass in the spray of the fountains….

Only problem is I’m sitting in a hot stuffy office.

Sky has some pretty good photos as well.

Posted by ShoZu is now Smartphone / Nokia N95 Friendly.

I recently came across a brilliant plugin for WordPress called ‘WordPress Mobile Edition‘. It’s being created by Alex King. Check out his website. He has some awesome plugins. Definitely worth a look at if you into your blogging.

Anyway, it makes reading one’s website on a PDA or Smartphone a pleasure. The plugin recognizes the browser on your phone and formats the page accordingly. I’ve tested it thoroughly on my Nokia N95 and it’s works really well. I’ve included some examples above and below.

Who gives a crap?

I was reading Sky News this morning, and somehow George Michael has made the news because he is addicted to prescription drugs…. Why does Sky News think we care?

Here is a "has been singer" who has sung nothing decent ever, and recently told the world, "he was quitting the music industry because he realized he couldn’t sing and was a waste of space and that he loved driving under the influence of pot and having sex in public spaces", and yet now we must feel sorry for him for his latest problems.

To think here is a man who has millions of pounds to his name, who has everything the world can offer, and yet is a total waste of space.

Come on Sky, we really don’t give a crap!