Now that is F1 racing at it’s best.

Wow!, what an exciting Canadian Grand Prix? Definitely one of the best races in many years. It had everything; big crashes, costly mistakes, a lot of passing, two black flags, stop and go penalties, retirements, and good sportsmanship.Definitely won by the best driver on the weekend, Lewis Hamilton, the only person I think who can […]


What’s been happening Bowen?

Right, it’s been quite a while since I posted any sort of "Bowen News", on our website. In fact I’ve just been looking back, and the only real news about us was posted on February the 9th, the day after we returned from a weekend in Rome. Which got me thinking, I hadn’t posted any […]


Throw away the key pleeeeeeeease!!!

It just shows you what the world has come too, when news broadcasters display ‘breaking news headlines’ like this. As if the whole world cares if Paris Hilton goes back to jail or not! It’s even worse to read that this stupid empty headed blonde bimbo is freed from jail after 3 days because she […]