You must be kidding?

I had a problem changing my password on my PC, so was looking through the Microsoft support website, when I came across this bizarre page.

Error: Your password must be at least 18770 characters and cannot repeat any of your previous 30689 passwords. Please type a different password. Type a password that meets these requirements in both text boxes.

Imagine that…

So what’s up Bowen?

Hey all!

We’re having our bathroom done this weekend. It’s taken almost 8 months to get it sorted out. (well find quotes, and decide on the right people). They guys doing it the job, achieved a great deal on their first day. They fixed the leak on the roof, and stripped the walls of tiles, lifted the disgusting carpet, and peeled the wall paper off the walls and made a great hole in the ceiling. It can only be England where bathrooms have carpets and wallpaper. Doesn’t really make sense having either in a bathroom, considering how damp they can get.
Anyway, hopefully two weekends from now, we will have a brand new bathroom.