A new look at Bowen.

I thought it was time to change the look of our website. The old one was becoming a bit dull and there were various things not working how they should. Besides change is always good. I quite like this theme because it’s got 4 columns…

Rotate Me – By Samir

I finally received the Rotate Me application from Samir Oueldi and got to work getting it signed (else it doesn’t work).
Here is a tutorial from GoSymbian (Quite a simple process if you follow instructions).

I like Rotate Me a lot, and can’t wait for the final product. Well done Samir!!!

England are BIG LOSERS!!!!

How many more things can England lose by the end of the year? Here is the "ENGLAND LOST LIST" all English people can be proud of: Soccer (Everything), hence the reason England are not playing in the European 2008 championships. F1 World Champion (Lewis Hamilton,…