A new look at Bowen.

I thought it was time to change the look of our website. The old one was becoming a bit dull and there were various things not working how they should. Besides change is always good. I quite like this theme because it’s got 4 columns and the photo album & sidebar photos work really well in their embedded state.

Now that there is more room on the front page, I’ve added some of the old links that I had removed such as "My Links". I was been hassled by the readers, so I hope every one is happy. I’ll be adding a few more soon, now that time seems to have returned to my me.

Listening to music online!

There are some great websites offering free music streaming to your desktop or mobile phone. I’ve been trying out a few recently namely Last.fm, Social.FM, Pandora, Songbird and mystrands.com. The best two so far for me are Last.fm and Pandora, because they are really easy to use, and there are never any breaks or stutters in the music playback.

Social.FM offers a mobile phone player, which I will be testing out next week when I am on the train to work/home. There is also Mystrands that somehow synchronises your music library on your phone with your online profile, and then links up with other people who like similar music to you, and I think you can listen to what they have and vice-versa. Not sure how legal this is, and how practical it is, considering I upload music to my phone on a weekly basis, so does that mean it has to synchronise each time? 

The website looks pretty cool though, so I will give it a try. I guess all of these sites have one big advantage, and that is you do not have to own the music. I think it’s great to get such variety over the Internet.

Rotate Me – By Samir

Rotate me By SamirI finally received the Rotate Me application from Samir Oueldi and got to work getting it signed (else it doesn’t work).
Here is a tutorial from GoSymbian (Quite a simple process if you follow instructions.

I like Rotate Me a lot, and can’t wait for the final product. Well done Samir!!!

Note: The answer is “NO, I will not email you a copy of the Rotate Me software“. If you want it, then visit Samir’s website where you can give a donation and he will send you a beta copy…

It also appears that Samir’s default website http://www.bysamir.fr/ is not currently working. I have updated my links above to his new website.

England are BIG LOSERS!!!!

How many more things can England lose by the end of the year?

Here is the "ENGLAND LOST LIST" all English people can be proud of:

  • Soccer (Everything), hence the reason England are not playing in the European 2008 championships.
  • F1 World Champion (Lewis Hamilton, blew it in the final race). I will not mention the spy scandal that rocked Maclaren and the massive fine that had to stump up.
  • Rugby (6 – 15) against the Springboks!!!!
  • Cricket (Ashes, India tour etc).
  • Tennis (Wimbledon) & Tim retires (well, no loss there!).
  • The Government just lost 25 million people’s data. (ha ha ha), and they have the cheek to tell us we need ID cards, against ID Fraud…
  • Northern Rock – Enough said!

A modern day con!

Have you got a 3G phone or one of the newer phones that support HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access)?

Sky by mobile are offering the deal below for just £5 per month which sounds like great value, but the biggest catch with the offer below, is that Sky offer a "Made for mobile" package, which means the channels and shows are repeated on a loop for you to enjoy whenever you want. Doh!, who wants to watch a repeated game of football or a show????

Honestly, there is a better way and it’s not with Sky Mobile…. if you do a bit of research, there is a far better way of viewing your TV (not just sky) and it’s called the SlingBox.

The Slingbox is a TV streaming device that enables consumers to remotely view their cable, satellite, or personal video recorder (PVR) programming from an Internet-enabled computer with a broadband Internet connection, or a 3G or HSDPA mobile phone.

Slingbox Classic   Slingbox Pro
£94   £199

The advantages of the Slingbox are not just limited to watching tv on your mobile phone, because you can watch tv now from your computer or laptop anywhere in th world, as long as you have an internet connection.

So there you have it. why pay Sky £5 a month when for a once off price you can have Slingbox forever and use it anywhere on any device?

I’ve included some links to the Slingbox site and to the site discussed above.
SlingMedia Mobile
Sky by mobile

Disclaimer: These are my opinions and if you chose to waste your money over at Sky Mobile, then that is entirely up to you.

Look what is coming to S60 devices?

For the past six months I have grown to love the Nokia N95, and the software behind it (Symbian S60), because there are so many brilliant features and even more brilliant things to come from this phone. But truth be told I have found a new feauture, application or link for the phone every week since getting the phone. It is truly an amazing bit of kit.

So I have created a menu item at the top of the page called Nokia N95, and in here you will find new features, links, videos and of course mini reviews of the software I have found and installed. There is many more good things to come because today I discovered two interesting applications coming to S60 devices such as the Nokia N95:

PHP and MySQL coming to S60 and .NET applications will soon run on S60 devices. Now i have dabbled a lot with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and P, which can stand for Python, PHP or  Perl) in the past, so seeing this on a phone will just be amazing. Of course Nokia have their own webserver software already, which I found to be extremely slow, but it does exactly what it says on the tin…

I am no a star wars fan… but this is very clever!

Do you want your very own light sabre? Well if you have a Nokia N95, you could get very close to having the real thing(well that is twang, but let’s run with it). Click on the link to download the Application to your phone and install it into your (Phone Memory) and then download the RD Accelerometer (which is probably on your phone already, but there is no harm in installing it again). Once installed, you will see a Green Light Sabre application and  to activate it, press center button.

BTW: They have already updated the version that I blogged about. The new version Light Sabre 1.1 can be download, just click the link. The new version adds a flashing green screen and faster response and a message "Press OK to start"…

Bloody brilliant!!!

May the force be with you!!!