Wow! – Synology now supports NFS.

I recently upgraded my Synology Diskstation (DS-106e) with the latest firmware 0518, and unbelievably my XBOX360 is now recognizing all my music, photos and video under it’s media (blue) blade. Up until now, this has been a major frustration in my book, since it’s never worked. So well done to Synology! It’s all because they […]


iMac or Mac Pro…?

So I had this crazy thought the other day. I want a Mac. I know it goes against everything I have ever said about them, but after seeing MAC OS X Leopard and some of it’s features, I just need to experience it. Four days ago I installed Microsoft Vista on my PC and what […]

My Reviews

Paypal – Safer. Simpler. Smarter.

Paypal are really jacked up these days. I recently received an email from them telling me my account had been suspended or given limited access for whatever reason. I figured this was one of those prank emails, and just ignored it. Tonight I logged into Paypal, only to discover they had indeed suspended my account, […]


Saturday News

I spent a good part of today in the lounge setting up an early Christmas present from us. We recently purchased the Panasonic SC-PT850EB-K Home Theatre System from John Lewis (because they gave a two year guarantee unlike other online shops, and because JL is right on our doorstep). Ha ha, I just thought of […]


Goodbye Ed!

Goodbye and good luck for the future. I am very sorry to hear you’ve left. You have been a good colleague & friend and I am going to miss your French wittyness, the Eurostar train trips, and  your words of wisdom on doing my job (ha ha). Have a good Christmas and New Year,  and […]