Wow! – Synology now supports NFS.

I recently upgraded my Synology Diskstation (DS-106e) with the latest firmware 0518, and unbelievably my XBOX360 is now recognizing all my music, photos and video under it’s media (blue) blade. Up until now, this has been a major frustration in my book, since it’s never worked. So well done to Synology!

It’s all because they now have NFS service support. OK, you have to run a few commands on your NAS to get it working, but it’s prety simple.

iMac or Mac Pro…?

So I had this crazy thought the other day. I want a Mac. I know it goes against everything I have ever said about them, but after seeing MAC OS X Leopard and some of it’s features, I just need to experience it.

Four days ago I installed Microsoft Vista on my PC and what a mistake that was? I thought having a Intel P4 2.53Ghz, 2GB RAM would be more than enough for it to run smoothly, how wrong I was? It’s dismal, keeps running out of memory and is slow, sluggish and disappointing. I was expecting major changes to XP, and to be fair there are some visual differences, but there isn’t anything new to learn. It’s all a bit disappointing.

So I have made up my mind I want a Mac, but now I see there are quite a few choices and judging by the website, it all depends on how deep ones pockets are?


iMac Mac Pro
 £949  £1699
Pros Cons Pros Cons
all-in-one limited upgrade possibilities multiple upgrade possibilities Price
Leopard limited USB2.0 ports (3) Leopard  
  Glossy Glass Screen can use any monitor or LCD  
  Viewing angle (160 degrees)    

Above are the obvious pros and cons. Personally I have always had a desktop PC, one that I could open and add hardware when needed, so the Mac Pro definitely wins there.

Conclusion: Both systems are actually a major con when it comes to price, since I could easily build a non windows / non mac machine for a lot less money. But, I don’t have the time, or the energy to build a new system. I just want something I can take out the box, and it works, with little hassle. Everyone I know who has a mac says they last for a long time with little or no problems. That is what I want. Does that mean the iMac will be usable in the future (2 or 3 years from now). The biggest problem with today is that yesterday’s computer is already out of date (well maybe a little slower than that), so one doesn’t want a non future proof machine (iMac). It is clear the Mac Pro has many advantages over the long term.

What to buy?

Paypal – Safer. Simpler. Smarter.

Paypal are really jacked up these days. I recently received an email from them telling me my account had been suspended or given limited access for whatever reason.

I figured this was one of those prank emails, and just ignored it. Tonight I logged into Paypal, only to discover they had indeed suspended my account, but had picked up the fact that my card had expired. They do various checks and then give you a call to the telephone number / card holders address. This is actually a damn good idea, that way they can verify the card holders address and details. And it all happens instantly.

Kudos to Paypal. it’s good to know there is someone looking after my online financial affairs.

Weekend with Tim & Judy.

We had quite an eventful weekend for a change thanks to "friends of the family" who were in London for the day. We did what every person does when family or friends visit London…. became a TOURIST and I will tell you we had the time of our lives. We hopped onto The Bus Company tourist bus that does various routes around London, and braved the bitterly cold weather at the back of the bus. Not often one catches some rare naval tradition, but while we were looking for a pub near the Tower of London, we caught sight of a group of naval cadets marching from the frigate HMS Westminster. They were bringing a barrel of rum to the Tower of London. Read all about it below.

Navy revives rum tradition Sailors from a Royal Navy frigate visiting her home city will today revive a centuries old tradition by delivering a barrel of rum to the Tower of London. The rum is a present from captain and crew of HMS Westminster to the Constable of the Tower in exchange for the protection of the Tower of London’s guns. The Type 23 frigate is berthed alongside HMS Belfast, and during her stay in the capital will host visits from groups including Brent-based Sea Horses Sailing Club, Thames Clippers, and sea cadets from Gravesend, Sheppey and Medway. Westminster has recently has undergone an intensive period of essential maintenance and training in preparation for a six month deployment early next year. Race of Champions On Sunday we went to Wembley to watch the Race of Champions. Since England did so badly in the football, they decided to turn the "hallowed turf" into a mini race track. It was pretty damn awesome!. They had eight teams from different parts of the world competing against each, and there were many famous drivers from the Formula 1 and Rally Champions most notably seven times world champion Michael Schumacher. He reached the final by beating poor old Jenson Button (who should give up racing anything on 4 wheels, because he is what Tim Henman is for tennis – USELESS). Schummie beat the lap record a couple times, but Mattias Ekstrom was too good for him on the night. He won ROC for the 2nd year in a row. Note: I will add the rest of the photos to our gallery in the coming days.

Saturday News

I spent a good part of today in the lounge setting up an early Christmas present from us.
We recently purchased the Panasonic SC-PT850EB-K Home Theatre System from John Lewis (because they gave a two year guarantee unlike other online shops, and because JL is right on our doorstep).
Ha ha, I just thought of something.

Morkels, you two year guarentee store!

If you are South African you will know what advert I am laughing about.

Anyway, they look and sound incredible on everything I have plugged into it (Xbox 360, Humax PVR, Nokia N95, DVD Player, CD Player). I spent a few hours cleaning up the cable mess I had behind the LCD, and I also decided to pack the speaker, network,  Slingbox, DVR cables underneath the carpet, because it looks a lot neater. So it meant pulling up the carpet and then putting it down again. (a pain in the ****), but it looks a damn side better now. Earlier everything was on top of the carpet, and it looked messy, and the cables were at high risk of being nibbled by Whiskey and Tamsin. (naughty buggers).

I’ll add a few photos to the photo album tomorrow of the lounge with the speakers in place.

Grrr…..Now to get the wife off the couch and out of the lounge so I can play Call of Duty 4 in full surround sound….

Goodbye Ed!

Goodbye and good luck for the future. I am very sorry to hear you’ve left. You have been a good colleague & friend and I am going to miss your French wittyness, the Eurostar train trips, and  your words of wisdom on doing my job (ha ha).

Have a good Christmas and New Year,  and don’t be a stranger.

Here’s Ed on a recent trip back from Paris, listening to my Bluetooth headphones.