It seems $700 billion dollars is a hard pill to swallow.

What is happening in the financial markets is not great? Hell it’s down right terrible, but why should any government or tax payer bail out these banks and financial institutes when they have been so reckless with other peoples money?

Look around and you will see a lot of people with houses they can’t afford, cars that have been paid for on credit cards, debt up to their eye balls, and yet when times get hard and belts get tighter, and house prices are dropping faster than a lead balloon, why should they not have their houses & cars reposessed because they can’t afford the payments and why should the banks and mortgage companies who dished out those ridiculous loans now beg for a bail out?    That doesn’t seem fair at all.

All this talk of a $700 billion bail out and I see the house of representitives in the US has voted against the bail out plan. Mmm, I see it was Bush and McCains party that voted against the bail out. Surely that is a major backfire for both of them. What does it say about McCain?

Here is an interesting poll on CNN:

James Allen made a ‘teat’ of himself.

Did you hear the gaff this idiot made today at the Singapore Grand Prix? He referred to one of the drivers seat as a “teat“. He quickly rectified his words after he realized what he had said.

Only three more races and hopefully we never have to listen to him again. That will almost be as good as not hearing about Lewis F’king Hamilton from those biased ITV idiots, not to mention there will be no adverts with the BBC. I can’t wait!

Awesome race by Alonso & Rosberg. As for Kimi and Massa and that silly automated stop-go traffic light in the pits thing they have going. I wonder how many mechanics they need to run over before Ferrari realize it is not working for them?

As for Domenicalli, they need to fire him. He is useless. Bring back Jean Todt. He knew what he was doing.

SanDisk 16GB Micro SDHC compatible with N95 (1).

Damn, I can’t believe I can put a 16GB micro SDHC memory card in my original Nokia N95. There seems no reason now for me to upgrade my phone. It just shows you how smart this little phone is even if it came out over eighteen months ago.

The price of memory especially in the SDHC department has come down so much over the past year. I think I paid £80 for my 6GB twelve months ago, and now the 16GB sells for £50. (Insane)…

Here is a mobile phone compatibility chart from just in case you buy the memory card and discover it does not work in your phone.

US Government owes more than ten trillion dollars.

So George W. Bush and his useless government are going to bail out the US economy by releasing 700 billion dollars of money that they doesn’t have. A brilliant plan and who is going to pay that money back?

Add that amount to the ten trillion dollars he already owes back to the government and one starts to wonder if the US dollar should be worth anything. I always thought that in order to make or print money the country had to have the equivalent gold bullion stored somewhere like Fort Knox. Unless of course he has robbed Iraq of all their gold bullion.

It seems that Bush has a printing press in every government office and they are just printing away. Who is to say that they owe ten trillion dollars? It could be ten times more than that.

Sky News Headline: US needs $700 billion dollars to avoid disaster. The actual disaster are the fools who think this is a good idea. Rather than bailing out these companies who have been making a mockery of the banking system, the government should be locking them up for being so irresponsible with other peoples money.

Excellent Service from

I had a wee problem with my gallery recently which is embedded in my wordpress website using the WPG2 plugin. It’s quite a huge gallery with over 3500 photos. After a recent upgrade I noticed I was getting blank pages in my gallery whenever one clicked through the albums or clicked on the thumbnail in the sidebar. I’ve tried fixing the problem by adding various lines to my .htacess file in the root of my website, but nothing has helped…. until this morning that is, when I contacted the ‘one to one’ help line at

I explained the problem and in no time at all the technician had made some changes and my gallery is working like it should be. It’s a lot quicker than it was and it looks really good (if I have to say so myself). I’ve been with for a couple of years now, and it’s because their service and support is fantastic.

New look Bowen.

I have been mucking around with Adobe Fireworks CS3 for a day or two and after figuring out how to use the various cool features decided to try out what I have learnt on the header.

Inside the header.php I am using a random php script that I found on “a list apart“. It should hopefully show a collection of images that I have created with Fireworks.

Nokia N95 firmware V30.0.015

There is a new firmware out for the Nokia N95. I had a bit fun yesterday after I upgraded to V30.0.015. For some reason or other it conflicted with a trial application called “Handy Shell“.

I was unable to remove the Handy Shell application, and every time I started the phone it would just lock up with a message “Phone start-up failed. Contact the retailer“. Did a search on Google, and found a whole lot of solutions, which didn’t work for me. After a couple of Q&A on the Nokia Forum, I decided to re-install the firmware, which fortunately fixed the problem, but I was unable to use my latest backup. Actually I think the latest backup contained the Handy Shell application, which was the root of the problem.

Don’t get me wrong, the Handy Shell application is brilliant, although it came out before V30, so perhaps it does not like the new firmware changes. I don’t know, but my phone is back to it’s former glory, faster than before, and has a few extra features namely (as seen on Nokia Addict dot com).

– Maps 2.0
– Nokia Search 4.0 with google plugin
– Share on OVI added
– Comes with music extension
– Mosh & OVI bookmarks added to browser.

Changes/Improvements include:
– Download! application updated (v3.1.50)
– New basline for Startup settings
– New baseline/upgrade to music Player
– Baseline update for Flashlite3
– Current consumption improvements
– New basline for VOIP
– General error corrections

‘Tis never a good idea to cut corners Lewis!

Did you watch the Belgium grand prix? What did you think of the last 4 laps when it started to rain?

Oh Kimi!, What has come over the iceman? He is meant to be the best F1 driver in the world and should be able to drive in any conditions, rain or shine, but he clearly lost the plot in those last few laps. He crashed all by himself, so no blame can be put on Lewis Hamilton for that.

But, how about Hamilton cutting the corner and barely giving Kimi the position back. Backing off and going 6km/hr slower… Pa-lease…. that is hardly backing off. How much slower would he have been had he taken the corner? That is the question they should ask. I bet NOT 6km/hr. I was surprised at the time that the stewards didn’t give him a stop – go penalty, but they certainly came to their senses after the race.