Trick or treat tonight!

Google do have some awesome logos for the various famous days of the year. Todays one is no exception.

Oh well, I am sure if you live in a “nice” neighbourhood, you will be hearing a knock or two on your door tonight from the trick or treat kids. Lets hope they look like these two else there will be no sweets.

It's Friday & it's Halloween - Enjoy!

Last chance.

Gran Premio Monza 1996 - 02So this weekend is the last race in the Formula 1 calendar.  I guess the 3 qualifying sessions on Saturday are going to be the tensest of the year. Hopefully Massa or Kimi can place their cars on pole position and Hamilton can crash or get stuck somewhere down the bottom of the grid or come last (although we would be very happy if he crashed).

Hamilton’s 7 point lead is a tall order for the Ferrari team, but Massa can still win the title providing he wins with Hamilton sixth or lower or he finishes second with Hamilton eighth or lower (i.e., if Hamilton drops out of the race, Massa must finish in the top two positions to become champion).

It was close last year and no one thought Kimi could pull off a win, let alone win the championship, but he did, so there is always a chance.

Note to Massa: Come on Massa… really don’t like you, but if you win on Sunday, we will buy a Massa supporters cap.

DCIt’s also the last race for David Coulthard. He’s driven 245 races to date. I wonder how many he has actually finished. Recently we have been seeing him a lot off the road or crashed in the gravel trap. I think he has had a good career, and lets hope he doesn’t give up the F1 completely. Rumours are rife that he will be joining the commentry team at the BBC next year.  Having him share his experiences along with Martin Brundle would be very much welcomed.


Force India have one last chance of scoring a point for the 2008 season. Had Kimi not crashed up the back of Adrian Sutil back at the Monaco Grand Prix, they would have 6 points now and looking forward to next years racing. Although saying that if you look at that accident, Kimi was out of control a long way before he hit Sutil.

CockWhich brings me nicely to another person whose last race is on Sunday. That idiot of a commentator James “cock” Allen. Honestly there will be no tears shed after he signs off on Sunday. (Strangely enough I searched him using my Insights WordPress Plugin, and surprisingly there are no photos of him. There were loads of photos for Ferrari, Coulthard, Massa, Hamilton and Cock).

Finally, I hope ITV really milk the advert time slots that they have on Saturday & Sunday, as it will be the last time they broadcast the F1 and kill the excitement with their crappy adverts slots. The BBC have promised that all races next year will be free of adverts and that is probably the one thing we look forward to the most, and of course not listening to the cock.

Facebook chat on your mobile.

There is a cool new application for your mobile/cellphone called “trutap“. which allows you to send group messages, SMS and email from your mobile phone for free.

It is very similar to EQO Mobile & Slick which also allow you to chat to friends on IM (e.g. MSN, Gtalk, Yahoo etc) and post to blogs, photo-sharing accounts and social networks – all from your mobile phone.

What makes “trutap” stand out from the other applications is it’s ability to allow one to use Facebook chat on your mobile.

Sack Ross and Brand.

Looking through my RSS feeds this afternoon it’s interesting to see that almost every British newspaper has an article or headline on those two idiots “Ross & Brand”, except for the BBC.

Strangely the BBC think Iceland’s 18% interest rate is a lot more important…

Annie & Jonathan
Annie Lennox has talent - spot the odd one out!

I don’t get how “talentless” people like Jonathan “I have a lisp” Ross and Russell Brand can get paid so much money to ridicule and joke about people who are far better than they will ever be.

Let’s hope they are both fired or at least fined some ridiculous sum of money and taken off the air forever.

Unfortunately what will probably happen is that the BBC will make a public apology to Andrew Sachs and his family, and then sack a few unknowns and then behind closed doors give the two of them a pat on the back, because of all the publicity it has generated and they’ll be given an extra big bonus, and their next show will have the most listeners or viewers ever, because every dumbwit British fan will want to hear them do it again.

Our society is ****ed up because we have idiots like these, and to think we pay TV Licence and this is what they do with the money!

Imagine no smokers in the world!

The world would be such a wonderful place if there were no smokers in it.

Just today I was reminded of what it used to be like when these disgusting inconsiderate people use to smoke in the office. At least with the current rules in most countries, these selfish people can’t light up or smoke within public areas. Unfortunately this ban does not stop them breathing their “stinky after breath” in the clean office air.

I wonder if there are any grounds to complain about colleagues stinky breath? Perhaps a tube of toothpaste and a tooth brush on my desk and they’ll get the hint. 🙂