ZooZBeat on my Nokia N95.

screenshot0047This awesome little application called ZooZBeat makes use of the accelerometer in the Nokia N95, N98 and N93. It originally came from the inferior, crappy iPhone platform. I guess the guys at ZooZ Mobile realized that making software for just one phone company was silly when the majority of phones offering the accelerometer are in fact the Nokia’s and latest phones.

The application allows one to create music using different instruments and beats using hand gestures or phone movements. The free download version offers 1 beat and a few instruments (I think 10), but if you purchase ZooZBeat for the ridiculous sum of $3.00, then you get 4 background beats and over 20 instruments including voice. You can also edit, clear and delete notes, and load, save and delete songs. It even has an undo feature. It works perfectly well in horizontal mode as well.

One can use the keypad to play different notes, or you can just shake or tilt the phone and different sounds are produced.  At the moment the only problem I have with it is a system error (-12) when I try and save a song. I have contacted support for this.

It’s quite simply an awesome application.

Here is a video of the application playing on a Nokia N95.

Ever regret sending an email?

Gmail or Google Mail have some clever tricks behind the scenes, if one chooses to switch them on in the Settings / Labs section. This particular one is called Mail Goggles and it’s a safety feature to test your state of mind before sending off an email. It kicks in between a certain time that is defined by you. So basically I might be pissed as a fart and decide to email my colleague at work and tell them what an arse they are?

Just after pressing Send, Mail Goggles asks a series of questions (not that these ones were hard), but I guess if I was too drunk to answer them or ran out of time the email would not be sent, saving me some embarrassment later on. Of course if one is a clever drunk there is no stopping you.


Needless to say the email that I sent was not to a colleague. [superemotions file=”icon_wink.gif” title=”Wink”]

In Settings, click on the Lab tab to enable extra features of Gmail

See Introducing Gmail Labs

Insurance – we recommend Keith Simister.

Keith Simister Personal Insurance Services

Insurance, it’s one of those hard to justify services one pays for life. If you are lucky or unlucky enough you may never have to make a claim. Normally making a claim means something bad has happened (your car got smashed by some idiot or your house was broken into or some kids threw a stone through your front window or worse case scenario your partner decides to die on you). Someday it will all be worthwhile but I suppose in the short term you just hand over your money to the insurance company and hope you are covered.

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Ski nuze – fist 4 brakin newz.

Sky news obviously do not proof read their main headlines on their website or the editor of the below line clearly doesn’t know their grammar.


One should only use an in place of a when it precedes a vowel. There are obvious exceptions to the rule namely; Use an in place of a when it precedes a vowel sound, not just a vowel. That means it’s “an honor” (the h is silent), but “a UFO” (because it’s pronounced yoo eff oh).

The actual mistake with the above sentence is a missing word (injured). It should have read: “A British yachtswoman says the “spirit of ocean racing” led to her briefly scrapping a round-the-world race to help rescue an injured rival”.

At last something the British are good at.

Lets face it, England are crap at cricket!

day 1, blackcaps vs. englandHow many losses in a row is that now? Seven including that ‘farcical of a game’ in the West Indies. Why did Kevin Pietersen and his team even bother to go back to India? They should have just stayed at home and conceded defeat.

I am ashamed to be British when this pathetic team of ours takes to the field. Surely by now the rest of the cricket board must see this as well. They need to sack the lot of them and that includes the manager and captain.


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A solution to the Synology CS-407 disk crashes.

I was on my 3rd hard disk (Samsung HD753LJ 750GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm *32MB Cache*) when the dreaded beeps on the NAS signalled a hard drive crash. Now what are the chances of 2 Seagate 500GB drives and 1 Samsung 750GB drive crashing within of a month of each other? [superemotions file=”icon_evil.gif” title=”Evil”]

So disgusted and frustrated I did a bit of soul searching on the Synology Forums and came across a number of people who had experienced this very problem with their CS-407 and it turns out that the hard disks are not at fault, but simply the SATA data cable for disk 1.

I found a spare SATA cable and replaced mine and fired up the NAS server and the “supposed” crashed disk is working perfectly. Luckily I hadn’t trashed the disk this time like I have done in the past. Now everything is working like it should.

Not wanting to waste the spare Seagate 500GB hard disk I decided to load the latest firmware on my old DiskStation DS-106e and have it running now as well.

I have reported the problem to Synology and like everyone in the forums I must agree on one thing:

Synology’s support is top notch. They get back to you quickly and I’ve even been having a one to one conversation with one of the Synology technicians who has promised to send spare SATA cables. 🙂

XBOX just took my money!

I see XBOX just took £39.99 out of my bank account for my gold membership. There is no email confirmation saying “By the way Mike, we are taking the money from your account if that is okay with you?” Nothing. In fact I don’t even remember agreeing to a Direct Debit or a date for renewal. 🙁

What if I didn’t want to sign up for another year? What if I only wanted Silver membership? It does seem a bit wrong that they have just assumed I will want it again and have taken the money without asking.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?