How to stop your heart dead?


There is burger grill in Arizona (USA) called “Heart Attack Grill” that offers a meal to die for (well, just watching the video made me feel quite ill). Thankfully the lovely waitresses make up for the view of these disgusting burgers being eaten by over sized fat people.


There is even a video over at CBS news aptly named “a meal to die for“.

What is Royal Mail doing with all the post offices?

Royal MailI had the unpleasant pleasure of standing in a very long queue for at least 40 minutes today at a makeshift post office  in central London. To make the experience worse, the staff managing the 6 desks were totally incompetant and unfriendly, probably because they have been told this make shift hell hole (East Cheap post office) will be closing like all the other post offices in London.

I work in Cannon street in London and I kid you not when I say this, that there are no post offices. You have to walk for miles in all directions and when you do find one it will definitely have a queue.

Royal Mail has sounded the death knell for London’s post office network. A total of 169 branches face the axe under a fast-track closure programme.

MPs said it is a ‘kick in the teeth’ for Londoners and for high streets across the city. The capital has already lost more than 300 post offices in four years, with the numbers cut from 1,175 to 849. But Royal Mail says more branches must go to stem £3m-a-week losses.

That was a year ago, and I can only imagine hundreds more have closed since then. So much for living in a first world country.