DIY Telephone Extension Kit (Philex) wiring diagram wrong.

Nothing like buying something and following the installation instructions to the letter, only to discover that the diagram showing the wiring is totally wrong. Yes in this day and age we still have companies supplying instructions that are completely wrong or they have not taken into account the multiple wiring options on offer, not that British Telecom (BT) have many wiring standards.

Here is the diagram Philex offer in the instructions and on the back of the box for their DIY Telephone Extension Kit:


The correct wiring is below (the diagram in the middle):

One thing to note:

The Philex kit has a Black, Red, Yellow and Green Cable combination, and I didn’t need to use the Green cable in position 4. It worked fine without it!

Pin 1 = blank

Pin 2 = black

Pin 3 = red

Pin 4 = green or blank

Pin 5 = yellow

Pin 6 = blank

I found the above diagram and wiring information on WPP Ltd. They have got some very useful information on their website regarding UK Telephone Extension Wiring.

Baby Baby Baby.

What people will do to be on a video hey, although this video is quite special and shot brilliantly in high definition. Just a pity they have those damn black bars covering things. Do you recognise the street?

Rue Montorgueil, Paris.

The Nokia 5800XM is not just a phone!


I have had the Nokia 5800XM for about two months now and so far I have mixed feelings about it. It’s no where near as good as the Nokia N95, which was by far the best smartphone on the planet and which I raved about for two and a half years.

Obviously the N95 was an N-Series smartphone and the 5800 is Nokia’s first real touch screen and they have tried to give it a music feel to it. Not sure it really comes across as a music phone, as the music player is okay, or very similar to the N95 in what it does and shows on the screen.

I am not sure if Nokia made this phone and hoped it would compete against the iPhone or the Blackberry Storm or all the other new touch screen models out there. So the iPhone touch interface is slightly better, but that is about it for the iPhone as it doesn’t come close to this phone in terms of features.

The things I don’t like about the 5800XM:

  1. Most definitely the touch screen or touch experience. The lack of buttons is a big thing for me. (If it had buttons and touch screen then maybe).
  2. Texting which I do a lot of is now a pain in the arse, because the touch screen forces you to look at the screen, where as with a normal keys it was quite easy to feel your way around the keypad and type fast.
  3. Typing is a lot slower, because of the touch screen, and one has to hit the screen quite hard and it has to be in the area of the letter.
  4. The camera is only a 3mp, and doesn’t take great photos (if compared to the N95).

What I like about the phone:

  1. Even though it’s not an N-Series phone, it’s got all the connectivity features of my old N95 (wireless, fast internet, 3G, Edge, HSDPA, A2DP bluetooth etc).
  2. It supports SD cards up to 16GB. Very handy for storing music and videos.
  3. It’s plays video in a lovely widescreen format, and watching videos is a pleasure.
  4. It’s running the latest Symbian software, which is a pleasure to use.
  5. There are hundreds if not thousands of Apps (lot of free apps as well).
  6. There are many applications that work really well with the touch screen, such as Google Maps, LastFM, FoneFood, FriendView etc.

What I have loaded on the phone at present in terms of applications:

  1. X-Plore (brilliant).
  2. PhoneTorch (brilliant).
  3. ScreenSnap (brilliant).
  4. SMS Timer (brilliant) – allows one to schedule SMS’s, excellent if you don’t want to send a SMS immediately.
  5. AccuWeather (brilliant).
  6. PhotoBrowser – funky browser with magnifying glass. (Nice Gimmick).
  7. TagReader – Microsoft’s barcode reader (Very Clever).
  8. BarCode – Nokia’s barcode reader (Very Clever).
  9. Split the bill – Very useful if you dine in large groups and have the habbit of splitting the bill.
  10. Google Maps, Google Search, Google Calendar, Google Documents, Google Translate, Gmail – All very useful applications which I use daily.
  11. Soft Touch Stop Watch.
  12. Friend View which uses the GPS to pinpoint you and your friends. (Very useful).
  13. Nokia Maps.
  14. Metro de Paris, NYC Subways maps.
  15. FoneFood – A very clever and useful app from – used to find restaurants in whatever area you might be in.
  16. MyPhone – Ha Ha this is a classic application! It’s called “Exceeding iPhone” and they have somehow managed to use the iPhone UI (user interface) on the 5800XM. So you have a Nokia 5800 with an iPhone interface. It’s darn clever. Check out their website.
  17. Bounce (game).
  18. RT GR (game).
  19. SudokuMaster (game).
  20. Checkers (game).
  21. MR2 (game).
  22. Sensitive (game).
  23. Solitaire (game).
  24. Shuffle Shock (game).
  25. Quickblock (game).
  26. R.Bubbles (game).

May day, May day – it was Bowens anniversary!

Twas a riot day on the 1st of May back in 2001 in London when Jo and I tied the knot. 8 years on and no one is rioting for us. What is wrong with these people?

We celebrated with gifts and a lovely dinner at the Cantina Vinopolis at No 1 Bank End, London SE1 9BU.

We shared two bottles of Caracter Shiraz Malbec ’07 from the Argentinian vineyards of Bodegas Santa Ana, Mendoza, and had the Pink Veal Escalope Steak with Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables, Buttered New Potatoes and Veal Jus (Delicious). The atomosphere was pleasant. The vast Victorian arches were impressive.

I don’t know if the Cantina Vinopolis knew it was our anniversary, but what a suprise we had when the bill arrived and we saw we had only been charged for one bottle instead of two. (damn Jo we should have had three… ha ha ha!)

Highly recommended, not to expensive (if you are lucky enough to score a free bottle of wine).  (4/5). 🙂