Free Barbecues this summer.

To celebrate the glorious weather the UK is experiencing of late, many supermarkets and DIY stores are giving away FREE barbecues to all that can go and collect them.

You can get a free BBQ from any of the following stores:

  • ASDA
  • Morrison’s
  • Costco
  • Kwik Save
  • Somerfield
  • Aldi
  • Sainsbury
  • Tesco
  • Iceland
  • Lidl
  • B&Q
  • Homebase

All BBQs come with a higher shelf which can be used for keeping things warm! Some even have wheels for easy removal.
PLEASE NOTE: Some stores may charge a £1 administration fee. 😉

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of X bytes … – A fix.

WordPress LogoI’ve been seeing memory errors lately on my various WordPress websites and after much investigation found a support topic 194370, which offered a solution that has definitely fixed the problem for my three web sites.

In the root of your website or WordPress site edit the file wp-settings.php and on line 13 change the define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘32M‘); to define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘64M‘);

The Springboks escape the Lions!!!


What a test match? At half time the Lions were 18 – 6 up, and if they could have kept the momentum they “might” have beaten our boys, but there were too many injuries for the Lions. There were two dodgy incidents in the game, the first being by Schalk Burger who by the looks of it delibrately fingered in the eye the Irish winger Luke Fitzgerald. Burger was lucky to get a yellow card. Personally I think he should have been sent off.

The second incident was in the 2nd half when Brian O’Driscoll took out Danie Rossouw with a dangerous tackle. O’Driscoll was lucky not to be sent for off. The silly Ref didn’t even give a penalty, which was equally dumb.

There were tries by JP Pietersen, Bryan Habana and Jaque Fourie flew over in the last ten minutes. With the score on 25 -25 and less than two minutes of playing time it all came down to a tackle in the air, which gave South Africa a penalty and Morne Steyn kicked the ball perfectly straight and over the poles for a brilliant finish and win. It was an excellent match.

EDIT [29/06/2009]: It is good to see Schalk Burger being banned for 8 weeks for the eye-gouging incident with Luke Fitzgerald. That was extremely dirty play and there is no place for that sort of behaviour in rugby. He got what he deserved and I am not ashamed to say that. Read about in on Sky News.

Ten years today.

It’s 10 years to the day when Dad passed away. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him.  The photo below was our last Christmas together.
Rest in peace Dad – 1948 to 1999.


Ten years ago,
I got a call that nearly killed me
Repeat yourself my hands are shaking

When I was told, my friend was gone
I felt so guilty, a thousand questions left unanswered

I’ll bleed if you want me to
I’ll serenade before I do
I’ll bleed if you want me to

On and on although you’re gone
Candles burn without a flame on
Our final call to you I know you’re listening
How could you leave us that way
Where did you go, ten years today

Ten years ago, I stood beside the wood that held you
I must sit down my legs are shaking
We let you go,
With gifts of plectrums for your journey
And melodies to help you on your way

I’ll bleed if you want me to
I’ll serenade before I do
I’ll bleed if you want me to

On and on although you’re gone
Candles burn without a flame on
Our final call to you I know you’re listening
How could you leave us that way
Where did you go, ten years today

I’ll bleed if you want me to
I’ll bleed if you want me to
I’ll bleed if you want me to

On and on although you’re gone
Candles burn without a flame on
Our final call to you I know you’re listening
How could you leave us that way
Where did you go, ten years today
Where did you go, ten years today

Where did you go…

How could you leave us that way,
Where did you go, ten years today

Lyrics by Bullet for my Valentine – Ten years today, an awesome song that often reminds me of him, even though I think Dad would be saying “give me the Beatles any day”.

The Hangover.

hangover-posterJo and I went and watched “The Hangover” tonight. We highly recommended it, since it’s hilarious.

Plot: A Las Vegas-set comedy centered around three groomsmen who lose their about-to-be-wed buddy during their drunken misadventures, then must retrace their steps in order to find him.

No big name actors or actresses in it, although some familiar faces like Heather Graham and for some reason or other they have Mike Tyson playing a part. I am not sure how they justify putting a real life convicted rapist in a movie, but hey! they did and at least his part is small.

The movie is funny from the beginning.

Here is a good movie review to sum up “the hangover” and it looks like it’s getting a lot of star rating over at IMDB.

5800XM shortcut bar, contacts and dialer not working – Fix.

p1000538-smallIt had to happen. I CRASHED my Nokia 5800XM front screen after installing something (not sure what as I have installed a lot of applications recently thanks to the brilliant OVI Store).

This morning I noticed my front screen was missing the shortcut bar although I could press the buttons, but nothing was happening. The Contact and Dialer buttons at the bottom were visible but they didn’t do anything when pressed.

Annoyingly these things happen when lots of applications come together and doing a quick search on-line I see it has happened to a few others. I can accept that these little quirks don’t happen often, so I backed up the phone using the Nokia PC Suite software and then did a hard reset.

FIX: To hard reset your phone from off, hold the camera button, the green button and the red button down and with your spare fingers press the power button in. This can be quite tricky but if you have an extra hand it’s easy. After the initial boot up sequence, you will be prompted to setup the country, the date and time. Restore your backup and you should have your old phone setup back.

Of course that is what all the web sites say, but typically I discovered I had lost a few key applications such as the brilliant Nokia Messaging and a few others applications that were installed on the memory card. I am not sure why they have not restored properly, but it’s not a train smash. This is a good way of purging crap off your phone.

New Facebook application for Nokia 5800XM is awesome!

scr000053I am not a huge fan of Facebook and all the silly applications that come with it, but for communicating with friends and family it is brilliant. I’ve been using it on my various mobiles for quite some time now although none of the FB applications were that user friendly or in the Nokia 5800XM’s case “finger friendly”….. until now!

Symbian have release a new version of the Facebook application especially for the touch screen Nokia 5800XM and N97 and it’s a pleasure to use. The screen options are clear, there are nice big buttons and accessing the various menus are very easy and fast. One of the coolest features is the camera button (see top left corner). Pressing on this button pops up a choice to take a photo using the onboard camera, or one can select a photo from your phones gallery, but either way the photo is immediately uploaded into a new or existing album in your Facebook profile. It’s lightning fast as well. I was walking down Cannon street yesterday and literally snapping photos and uploading. It’s such a useful part of the application, especially if you are a happy snapper like me and want to share photos with your friends and family.

Other cool things are the quick access buttons to comments (see the little comments balloons to the right of the news feed) and quick access to your profile, status, friends, photos and Inbox. What makes this application work on the 5800XM is all the screen space. Nothing feels like it’s been squashed in and for that reason it’s a pleasure to use.

You can download the Facebook application from the Nokia OVI store on your PC, or download it FREE from the OVI store  on your phone. To install the OVI store application you need to download it from their website. It should prompt you to install the OVI application on your Nokia phone when you first login or enter the site. The OVI store is another cool application and allows one to download free or pay applications, music, ring tones, photos etc. There is a link below.

(Facebook application for S60v5 generation phones highly recommended).