Allowed memory size of X bytes – A fix.

Back on the 27th of June I wrote about a memory error I was seeing in my various WordPress sites. There error was very similar to this “Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted”, and I found a fix for this error. I have started to see this error again so did another search and came across the following post in the forums of The fix is similar to below but you need to do one more thing if you are hosting your websites with

  1. Login to the Control Panel
  2. Scroll down to Software / Services and click on PHP Config.
  3. Choose the 2nd radio button PHP5 (Single php.ini) – Same as PHP5, but all subdirectories will use ~/public_html/php.ini
  4. Save Changes – Problem solved.

I’ve been seeing memory errors lately on my various WordPress websites and after much investigation found a support topic 194370, which offered a solution that has definitely fixed the problem for my three web sites.

In the root of your website or WordPress site edit the file wp-settings.php and on line 13 change the define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘32M‘); to define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘64M‘);

Break the law and YOU will get caught one day!

My day was today. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time tonight at 19h45. As I made my illegal right turn up Mount Road, we spotted a police car about to turn into the the same road. They had probably just finished eating a few MacDonald’s donuts and were probably on a sugar high. So Jo and I were both cursing as we passed by them knowing we were about to be pulled over. We only managed to get around the corner before the blue lights were reflecting off our back windows.

If I was in my Turbo Diesel Skoda VRS I could have definitely out driven them, but I didn’t feel like being on Kent’s Police Inteceptors on Channel 4 next weekend. (ha ha ha).

Luckily the fine was only £30 and no points off my licence.

illegal Right Turn0001

I fully support the law and if you break it, you should suffer the consequences. Theses guys are only doing their jobs, so fair dues to them. They were friendly enough and I was happy to answer their questions (all one of them – Do you know you broke the law?).

But (there is always a but),

One of the officers explained to me that that the lane where I turned from was meant for busses only and that the traffic light sensor on the road automatically activates when the bus drives over it and allows them right of way without delay. Well that is nonsense, because almost every single time I have “turned right” at this junction I would drive up to the line, and wait for about 10 seconds for the light to change. While you sit there you can see the oncoming traffic slowing for the orange / red light. They stop, the light for me turns Orange / Green and we turn right cross the traffic.

The officer tells me it should not work for a car. Well it has always worked for a car and not just mine and it is no more dangerous turning there than turning at a 4 way intersection.  One would have to be pretty stupid to just turn regardless of the colour of the traffic light into oncoming traffic. We have also NEVER seen a bus turning up this road.

So typically it is one of those grey areas. I am tempted to waste the courts time and choose option ii) on the above ticket (Request that the matter be dealt with by a Court), because these silly traffic laws should be challenged, but I couldn’t be bothered. I am quite happy to pay £30 and forget about and hope the next time I turn right there that the Police are not sitting nearby.

Australia 466 runs to win – very unlikely!!!

The commentators drilled on all day yesterday and day before how crap the pitch was at the Oval, yet England did a fine job batting on it. Even Trott on his debut managed to 119, so I am little weary thinking the pitch is that rubbish. If Australia can get a good start today with Clarke and Katich batting well like they did last night, then there is no reason why they can’t bat as well as England did yesterday.
Can Australia win or get a draw?
A win is a huge task, but if they can last until tomorrow with wickets in hand, there is no reason why they can’t get a draw. Still if England don’t win this match today then they have missed a huge opportunity.

TWO OUT ALREADY, perhaps the Aussies just don’t know how to play these pitches.

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