N900 Application Errors after the PR1.2 upgrade.

It is inevitable that there will be some application errors on a device after a firmware upgrade, and below are the ones I am encountering with the latest firmware release PR1.2. I have included screenshots to make it easier. If anyone can help explain why it’s happening and provide a solution, it will be much appreciated.

For starters I have these two applications in my Update screen but I am unable to update them.

And here is the error for the second application:

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NSU showing new Nokia N900 firmware 10.2010.19.1 (PR1.2).

Great news!!! Firmware PR1.2 for the Nokia N900 is definitely available via the Nokia Software Updater. Typically on starting my NSU software, I had to upgrade it to the latest version, but afterwards it picked up my N900 just fine.

Before I began I took a back up my Nokia N900 using the software on the device. I then copied off the backup files onto my computer. Always back up if you do not want to lose your  applications, settings, calendar entries and conversations.

I started the Nokia Software Updater via the Nokia PC Suite and it recognized the old version and the new version immediately.

The firmware is 187.9MB in size, which is quite a large file but over broadband it downloads really quickly, which is why I didn’t use the Over The Air update (OTA).

The update took about 2 minutes to download and then started updating the software on the phone.

The update took a little over 2 minutes to complete. 🙂

The N900 was automatically restarted and then prompted me for my pin number and then showed me the Nokia Tune Handshake Video (opening video), which means it has wiped out my Nokia N900 swish video. Lucky I have backups.

Screenshots to follow shortly….

It then presented me with a summary of my settings and an option to Save.

  • Language: English (United Kingdom)
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Time:  9:19am
  • Date: 26/05/2010

The Nokia Restore is telling me it’s going to download and install 1.4GB’s worth of software from the Application Manager that I had in my application list, and presented me with a list of software that was in the restore file. (Very clever, but I am starting to think it has wiped out everything :-().

40 minutes later: Software is indeed downloading and installing. Thank goodness I didn’t start this procedure outside of my wifi network as I would have already maxed out my data limit.  There are a few prompts for software that cannot be installed (I expect those to be the dodgy applications I hacked onto it. All in all if you have the time, it’s good to see what is happening, how it installs etc. I am playing with the phone as it’s doing its thing and it’s super quick.

Note: I am seeing lots of comments from people saying it didn’t work for them for whatever reason. Guys if you want help, please give a good description of your circumstances, the error you are seeing, the version of your previous N900 firmware, the version of NSU, the version of your OS etc, and then perhaps others can help. Just saying “it’s not working or it’s doing the same as XYZ is useless information and not helpful to anyone.

One thing I noticed was that the Nokia N900 would not connect correctly if you selected PC-Suite on your N900 when you plugged in the USB cable. The only way I got it to work was to plug the USB cable in and not select anything on the phone (as if you are only charging the phone). Then the Nokia PC Suite showed a connection and you are able to click on the NSU option to upgrade the firmware.

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“Don’t be a fool avoiding the N900.”



R.I.P. Newzbin, it was the best NZB website ever.

Newzbin is no more after losing a battle with the courts. They have now been put into administration because they couldn’t pay their debts. I always said the subscription to the site was too low. It was ridiculously low (as in £2 for 8 weeks worth of downloads).

Word is that they owe the Motion Picture Association (MPA) £230,000 just in interim costs, and that’s without a full costs ruling or a decision on damages. Apparently they also owe a software development house over £500k. 🙁

Newzbin is one of the original Usenet indexing sites and the creator of the immensely-popular .NZB format, which opened up simplified Usenet downloading to the masses.

While the major BitTorrent sites were in Hollywood’s spotlights as the major source of copyright infringement, Usenet sites such as Newzbin remained untouched.

This changed, however, when the MPA, the MPAA’s big brother, sent a threatening letter to the site’s operators in 2008.

This letter was followed by an official announcement of a lawsuit against the Usenet indexer early 2009. The case eventually went to the High Court in February of this year where Newzbin was found liable for copyright infringement.

Let’s hope a clone site can open in it’s place soon else websites such a Giganews and Grabit will suffer as a result.

The City by Joe Purdy (Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack).

Have you ever heard of Joe Purdy? I hadn’t up until the point of listening to Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack. There is a song called “The City”… Awesome!

Here are the lyrics of the song

The City – Joe Purdy
The city keeps on going… on

Float down the river with Matt, Iddy and Jay
Get off the boat and board a plane to JFK and I, ain’t slept a week
But it don’t seem to matter to the subway squeakers, squeak (and squeak)

The city keeps on going
We just keep on rolling
The city keeps on going
We just keep on rolling… on

Grand Central Station and got wind they’re coming on
And the goodness yesterday
No one round oh and I still recognize her after all these years and she still looks the same
Ah, she still looks the same

Oh and we end up in Brooklyn
It was rainin’ so hard
Come up all day
And the rain to clear it off,
Oh we’re just people watching on 3rd and St. Mormons
And when the girl’s kissing my face, my face
She was just kissing my face

And again, again…

Just when I was sick and lonely,
There was a shaking on the ground
We were hiding from the rain
We were riding on the train
Just when I was sick and lonely,
There was a shaking on the ground
Were were hiding from the rain
Were were riding on the train

She was dancing on the midway
Just kissing my face
She was dancing on the midway
Just kissing my face
Dancing on the midway
Kissing my face
Dancing on the midway
Just waving goodbye

Opera mobile 10 browser on N900 is awesome.

I just received my first update for Opera mobile 10 browser for the N900 and what a difference it has made? Before I begin to list the advantages, let me just say that browsing the Internet on the Nokia N900 is already an awesome experience, as one is able to open the full website instead of a cut down mobile version. The experience is comparable to using a browser on your PC.

The other main advantage of the N900 is that it runs on Maemo (linux) and it is open source, so you are not tied down to the default browser, instead you can install a whole host of browsers that are available for the N900. I am not saying the default browser is crap, far far from it, but it’s nice to have choice.

Currently I am aware of the following browsers that work perfectly on the N900: Chronium (Google Chrome), Firefox (Mozilla), the default MicroB browser and now there is Opera mobile 10.

So what is so awesome about Opera? For starters it works in Portrait mode and you have all the options and buttons that you see in Horizontal mode. Scrolling and accessing links work really well.


This section is top class and really finger friendly. Everything is marked clearly and accessing Bookmarks, History, Start Page, Saved Pages, Downloads are quick and easy. There is also a Find in Page, Help and Exit button (for actually exiting the browser).


Again very pleasing on the eye, nice large buttons and it’s very easy to add a website bookmark. When you want to bookmark a page you tap on the Settings button, select Bookmarks, and the very first row is the “Add Bookmark” button. Directly below are the folders where you can add the bookmark too.  The kenetic scrolling seems to be quicker in Opera for some reason. It might be my imagination, but it seemed a lot quicker.

Bookmark Manager:

You can add your own folders too by clicking on the New Folder button and then typing in your folder name. It’s not obvious as there are no buttons, but pressing Enter on the keyboard accepts the folder name.

Start Menu:

Just like on the desktop version, there is a start page with nine little squares representing your favourite bookmarks. Very handy for quick access. You can edit, add or remove with ease by just holding down on the screen.

Multiple Tabs:

It is possible to have multiple websites open under one Opera window. There is a dedicated icon for this, which shows you exactly how many tabs you have open at any given time, and you can see the tab you are currently in because there is a close button on the thumbnail. (very clever indeed). The whole idea of multiple tabs as in the desktop versions of most browsers is a good idea.

That is enough for now, I’ll do another post later when I have mastered Opera 10 on my N900. For now if you would like to down Opera please visit Opera Labs, where you can download the latest version. As mentioned above, no sooner had I downloaded and installed it, there was an update from the repository. I think it was 6MB in size.

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Don’t ever rule Schumacher out.

Four races into the 2010 F1 calendar and Michael Schumacher has started to make progress by finishing in a comfortable 4th place at the Spanish Grand Prix. He made up two places and successfully fended off Jenson Button for most of the race. After passing Jenson coming out of the pits. Jenson was fast asleep approaching the 1st corner and Michael was quick and decisive. This is what Jenson had to say after the race about Schumacher;

I didn’t really know where Michael was on the outside of me. He turned in and if I didn’t back out of it we would have crashed. So he didn’t really give me a lot of room there. There you go, you’d think with his experience he would know. It wasn’t really the right move.

Poor old Jenson Button. He was looking for a scarlet red Ferrari, that is why he didn’t see Schumacher. Jenson, if you can’t take the heat or the experience of a seven times world champion passing you, best you get use to it quickly.

Jenson didn’t have the guts to pass him back and made silly attempts throughout the race. He needs to face reality, just like the rest of them, that Michael is there to race and pass people, not be soft and polite on the race track.

Old Eddie Jordan has also started to change his tune on Michael Schumacher. Remember what he said when he heard Schumacher was coming back to F1;

Schumacher ‘out of his mind’ and has ‘no hope’ of F1 title.

In fact even Jonathan Legard is sounding a bit like the previous biased ITV commentators, with his Michael Schumacher comments. He kept asking Martin Brundle if Schumacher is taking control of the team, of course Brundle is too wise to talk against a driver that is clearly as good as the best at present.

I smell fear starting to creep into the F1 paddock. No one, including Schumacher said he would come back and in his first few races be competitive and winning, and I am not saying that either, but this was the 4th race of the year and he has clearly turned a leaf by out qualifying his young team mate (who has won nothing in F1) and beating him with ease in the race today. It won’t be long before Schummie is back on the podium. Once Mercedes and Brawn get that car up to speed, they will be challenging Alonso, Hamilton, Webber and Vettel. Don’t ever rule Schumacher out.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 or BFBC2 rocks!

I have being playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer sadly / happily for over 48 hours now. Not all at once of course (that privledge is only offered to the benefit thief or youngster bunking school – :-)), but if one thinks of 2 days 6 hours and 26 minutes that is a bloody long time to play one game.  If the truth to be told, the only other game that I have played longer over a period of a year or two is Guitar Hero or Rock Band on the Xbox 360. This is the only online game I have played on PS3 that comes close to the fun and enjoyment of GH or RB! This game truly rocks in multiplayer mode.

Most of my friends who have Xbox or PS3 are now playing BFBC2. One major shame is that we cannot play across platforms. I wish the Electronic Arts and DICE sort this out, because it’s impractical to buy the game twice for both consoles.

So I found this cool site that displays your online statistics. The site is BFBCS. Below are just a few that I like. It is difficult to pick one because they offer different information.