Jo and I just got back from a short holiday in Venice, Italy. We had a fabulous time. Venice is so beautiful and surprisingly small and one can easily walk it in a day. We had 3 days and quickly got use to the narrow paths and walk ways through the ancient buildings.

Venice is made up of a 117 islands seperated by the canals and joined by the bridges. The city is a master of engineering. How they built right on the water is just incredible.

We stayed on the Grand Canal in a lovely old hotel that was once a palace.

Almost every church had a square in the front of it with a well. So often we would spotthe well first and then discover the church. These wells were quite special as they were the main source of water back in the day they didn’t have a water pipe system. Even the rich had them in their small gardens.

There are canals everywhere with small bridges crossing them. We saw quite a few gondolas floating gently up the canals, but honestly it was too cold for such a pleasure.

I’ll add the photos we took later this week to our Gallery, in the mean time here are a few photos.

Goodbye January.

Gosh, January 2012 is already part of history. Time flies when you are having fun. Last month was no exception.

My big news is that I got chosen to be a writer on Daily Mobile, which for me is really awesome as I have always wanted to be a part of a successful mobile site and to be able to contribute in something that I enjoy so much. My first post, entitled “Switching Smartphones – Nokia N900 to Samsung Galaxy S II” was my submission post to determine if I was good enough to join the team and it appeared on their website on the 26th January 2012.

Look out for more posts this February.