Goodbye 2014.

One way to judge a year, is to look back at all the photos one has taken during that year. Our 2014 album is full of wonderful locations and stories, which is surprising as it has been one of the busiest years ever.

The year kicked off with me saying farewell to CMA/S&P Capital IQ and the CDS markets. After 7 years I had achieved all I could and needed a new challenge. Fortunately I didn’t have to go far, as in the same building and also part of McGraw Hill Financials was Platts.

With the new role came a lot of new challenges as well as some travel, and my first business trips to Singapore, Houston and Atlanta. The first trip was for two weeks in Singapore, where my new colleagues filled my brain with commodities and oil knowledge and filled my stomach with good local food. 😉

Next up was a week in Houston to meet the team and to see how they worked in relation to Singapore and London. Our team interacts with a lot of people at Platts and I had to get to know how they worked. Of course there was a lot of eating as well. I could see a lot of similarities between Singapore and the Houston office. 🙂

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We have a new WordPress theme!

twenty fifteenWe just upgraded to WordPress version 4.1 and there is a great new theme called Twenty fifteen. It looks really good especially the fixed sidebar image.  So we have uploaded a few photos of Bowen in random places and they will appear in random order whenever a page is loaded.

Although looking at the theme image above I am not quite sure why my image appears on the sidebar and not on the header.

I found the answer in the theme. It says, “Applied to the header on small screens and the sidebar on wide screens”.

When viewed on a mobile one should see something like this: