Two day meeting at ICE in Atlanta.


The 6th of July was an interesting day because Jo and I flew back from Budapest, where we had been staying for the weekend of the Red Bull Air Race. It was an early start to the day.

It was also the day I flew British Airways to Atlanta. It was a mad dash home to have a nap, pack and head out to Heathrow to catch my flight.

Atlanta was lovely and hot. I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel off the big ring road around Atlanta. It is a great hotel with large comfortable rooms.

The Uber taxi ride to ICE head office was not great and my colleague and I were almost killed at the ICE entrance gates because the idiot Morman Taxi driver didn’t understand the rules of the road and somehow managed to cross an intersection without looking. I tell you my life flashed in front of me. If the Uber app allowed it I would have rated him -5 stars.

After the near death experience in Atlanta I decided to fly back home in business class, just in case it would be my last flight home ūüėČ Business class is like the holy grail of travel, until they tell you it will cost ¬†you ¬£400 to upgrade.

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