A visit to Scotney Castle a 14th century gem.

Despite the cold weather today, we made use of our National Trust memberships and visited  Scotney Castle, built in the 14th Century by Roger de Ashburnham, Conservator of the Peace in Kent and Sussex. It is located near Lamberhurst in Tunbridge Wells, which is in the beautiful garden of England (Kent). 😉

scotney castle 1~2

The castle is situated on 750 hectares of beautiful rolling green hills filled with sheep and cows. There are lots of trees and plants in amongst the sculptured gardens. There is even a quarry, which has the footprint of an Iguanodon, left here over 100 million years ago.

Sadly we saw very little flowers, but were told that it is most beautiful in early summer, so we will definitely be visiting again.

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Windows 10 is dead on my 2008 iMac.

I don’t know what Microsoft did in the latest updates, but it has totally fracked my Windows 10. I use to be able to leave my windows running indefinitely and it would work just fine when I logged in, but ever since the update, I have noticed it is dead to the world. Nothing works, or it is working so slowly that the only way to get anything done is to hold the power button in and reboot, then wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to stop reading or indexing and then its good to go. It is unreal. Does it not know I am looking at the Surface Pro 4 i7? At this rate I will have to replace my old iMac from 2008. 🙂

OSX version 10.10.3

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How to see unread email from your favicon or bookmarks bar?

Do you use Google’s Inbox web client on your PC and get a lot of email? I do and I found a very useful Chrome extension today, which allows me to see an email notification count of unread email via the Favicon.

inbox notification

The Favicon is the tiny graphic to the left of the tab name, or the little icon you see on your favorites bar.

inbox notification 2

The advantage of this extension is that I don’t even have to have Inbox open to be able to see that I have unread email. 🙂

A visit to Ightham Mote a 14th Century Manor House.

We joined the National Trust today. We have been members before, so thought we would give it another go.  It cost us £99 for the two of us for a years membership, which is not bad when one considers how many National Trust historic houses, castles, mills, gardens, coastlines, forests, farmland, moorland, islands, castles, nature reserves, villages… and pubs there are around our lovely island.

Our first visit was to Igtham Mote, which is an outstanding 14th century moated manor house located in Kent near the village of Ightham.

We got to see the bottom half of the house as that was the only part open at this time of the year as well as the lovely gardens. We will definitely go back in March, when the rest of the house is open to the public and the gardens are starting to bloom. Definitely worth a visit even if one is not a National Trust member.