What a year 2015 turned out to be?

2015 has proved to be an extra special year in a number of ways.

P1120571 (Medium)

There were a few firsts along the way for the Bowens.

You know you are getting old when the f#@!ing optometrist tells you it is time to wear glasses. “No way!” I said, but there was no denying the skewed results, so I got to pick some sexy expensive “old fogey frames” to compliment the even more expensive lenses. (yes, had to remortgage the house).

Mr Cool.

I still can’t believe I needed glasses, as my eyesight is great (denial). To be frank I have only worn them on airplanes, because let’s face it, those crappy TV screens are tiny. Lots more after the break.

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How to batch re-size multiple images in Windows 10?

You have probably noticed when you right click on an image in Windows Explorer, there is no option to re-size. Fear not as there is a great little program called “Image Resizer for Windows“, which does just that and much more.

Download it from the CodePlex website. Once installed highlight the image or images (it supports batch re-sizing).


Select Resize pictures and a pop-up window appears.

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How to show thumbnail icons in Windows 10?

Before: I recently noticed my Windows 10 was not showing the thumbnail preview icons. It didn’t matter how big or small the icon was, it would show the default windows image for the file type. This is not very useful if one is looking at a folder full of icons.

default thumbnailsAfter: Icons showing correctly.

Updated thumbnails2

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Hello new desktop.

It has taken a few extra months to get my act together to replace my aging 8 year old iMac, but I have finally done it. It required a few thousand miles of flying to the USA and back and some help from Amazon, but it looks awesome.  I am hoping this setup can last for the next 7 years. 😉

New desktop setup: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (i7/256GB/16GB RAM), Dell UltraSharp 27-inch monitor, Anker 7-port USB 3.0 data & charging hub.

New Desk

Old desktop setup: Apple iMac Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD.

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How did folk buy stuff in the old days without quality reviewers?

Normally before I buy anything, I spend many hours researching or reading reviews on the item in question, and then I make a formal decision based on a dozen or so positive reviews from random sources. It has eliminated the need to ever return faulty goods,  because good reviews mean good quality products.

I wonder how folk bought stuff in the old days? Did they have reviews they could reference in the papers or did they buy stuff because their friends or colleagues bought it?  I wonder how did they did it without the internet? Perhaps a question for my folks, who have lived through the times of no internet? (Maybe another post). 😉

Dell UltraSharp U2715H

Dell UltraSharp U2715H

The world wide web is such a wonderful medium. Take for example this website called “The Wirecutter” and specifically a chap called David Murphy who spent 56 hours researching 33 monitors to pick the best 27-inch monitor, which is the Dell UltraSharp U2715H. That is dedication. David says;

The Dell UltraSharp U2715H has the best picture quality of any monitor we tested right out of the box. It’s the monitor to get if you want a bigger picture and more workspace in Windows or OS X, since its 2560×1440  resolution is ideal for photos, videos, and gaming.

I just ordered a Dell UltraSharp U2715H and if it is anything like the review, then it is going to be awesome. I plan to link it to my Surface docking station, that houses my new Surface Pro 4.

Thank you David Murphy for your wonderful, well written, quality, detailed review of the best 27-inch monitors.

Here is video review by PlaytechNZ.

Houston was a blast!

Houston Trip December 2015

My work trip to Houston turned out to be a very productive week. It is always fun going to Houston as my colleagues at Platts like to spoil me rotten, and this time was no exception. There was no rest for the wicked and I was out every night with them.

A view from the Platts office on the 23rd floor

Highlights of my trip; the English pub in Jon’s neighborhood , electronic darts evening with Ariana, Julie and Chris, the editorial drinks evening, the lunch at Killen’s Barbeque with Marc, Gauri and the team and finally the golf evening under the lights with Mike. (That was competitive).

Killen's Barbeque Ribs
Killen’s Barbeque – the best ribs I have ever eaten.

Read more about the hotel and how I got around Houston and my free upgrade to business class.
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The Surface Pro 4 i7 256GB SSD 16GB RAM

Last night I visted the Microsoft store in the Galleria shopping mall in Houston, Texas and purchased the Surface Pro 4 i7 256GB SSD 16GB RAM. As part of a package deal, I also got a teal coloured touch cover 4 keyboard, a lovely bag and a 5 user licence for Office 365.


So starts the journey with my Surface Pro 4. I am hoping this one is not problematic like the last one.

Like everything else I will report back here with updates.

Takealot.com are Email SPAMMERS!

Whenever I register with a new company, be it online or in a shop, I always check or un-check the option to receive marketing emails. Yet some companies take the piss and ignore these boxes and send SPAM regardless. Takealot.com is one such company.

I wrote to them recently asking to be unsubscribed and they promptly replied telling me I had been unsubscribed from all marketing email, and yet this morning I received the following:

takealot.com SPAM

So I did what every good citizen should do…

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