Pagination is everywhere in WordPress.

I have a lot of posts on my website (over 800) and as such finding or remembering a post I wrote last year or five years ago can be a pain if I have to click through 5 or even 20 posts.

To simply this process, on any of the WordPress menus (Posts, Links, Categories, Pages etc)…

  1. Click on the Screen Options at the top right of the Dashboard screen.
    Pagination in WordPress 1
  2. This opens a pull down where there is a section called Pagination. Overwrite the number of items per page (20) with a bigger number.
    Pagination in WordPress 2
  3. Now all items are listed on the same page and there is no more clicking through page numbers.
    Pagination in WordPress 3

TUC to GO biscuits are a major FAIL.

I love the original TUC biscuits. They are crispy, light, salty biscuits, that are perfect for a morning or afternoon snack.

TUC Original

They use to come in a large rectangular bag (150g), which could be opened and closed easily as it had a sticky side. There were at least 28 biscuits in a bag, which is great for sharing (if you are that way inclined).  😉

Now it seems some FOOL at United Biscuits or Jacobs, has decided to take a winning formula and turn it into a disaster, by squeezing 4 measly biscuits into a small ‘TUC to GO’ bag (19g).

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