Cheers to Beer 52 weeks of the year.

G4R9mkTsDBGKvcCGkI63FFToRWPjIm27vHLuCH3F1UXI joined today, thought I would give them a try because I am beer lover and what better way to try out new craft beer from around Britain and the rest of the work than having an independent company send me their best beer picks.

This is hopefully going to work nicely with the Untappd beer app. I’m on a mission to drink as many unique beers around the world and that is coming on nicely given there seems to be unlimited sources of craft beer these days. Everyone is getting in on the action.

Untappd Beer App

If you fancy joining me on this one year quest to experience new beer, then click this link or the image below and get £12 off your first box of beer at

beer52.comImage Source:, Untappd.

Take a look at LastPass password manager.

I generally have a good memory for passwords, but over the years with all the cyber criminals hacking everything I’ve increased the complexity of my passwords, which ultimately makes it harder to remember. That is a good thing until one needs to access a site or app and then its WTF is the password?

Pass">LassPassI gave LastPass a tryout earlier this year and have been thoroughly impressed with them.  They have some excellent features, and their web / app interface is so awesome.

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Airhelp awarded us €900 for our delayed flight from Mexico.

Airhelp rewarded

As the subject suggests our flight from Mexico in April was delayed by 30 hours. The airline was not entirely helpful in terms of offering us compensation.

I did a few searches online to see who could take my case and Airhelp accepted.

  • Their website is great. it is easy to find information and everything is clearly explained. Check out  the know your rights page.
  • You tell them your flight details and they will tell you if your claim is valid. It turned out my claim was valid because it was delayed by more than 3 hours and it was not down to nature, although we did have some of that as well.
  • There are no fees unless they win the case, otherwise it is 25%.
  • The sign up process was easy.
  • Communication was very good. They emailed me every step of the way and answered all my questions promptly.
  • It took less than two months to complete.
  • Payment was equally fast when I heard we had won our case. We got €1200 (less their 25% fee). Payment was arranged through and I got it instantly.

flight delayed for more than 3 hours

I highly recommend if your flight is delayed by greater than 3 hours and is between an EU and non-EU airport.

FIX – Flashing stock ROM Odin3 FAIL on hidden.img

Odin errror hidden.image

I decided to flash the stock firmware (ROM) back onto my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as it was running some version that made it impossible to network unlock it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Stock ROM from

I had to pay a few bob to download the ROM from “Rip Off”, then went about installing it with Odin3.

But Odin3 frustratingly kept showing FAIL! with Hidden.img in the log section. (The FIX below). 

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Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit.

As much as I love the idea of controlling my lights with a phone app, tablet or PC from any location anywhere in the world, sometimes it is handy to switch on the lights at a physical switch, which could be next to my bed or on the lounge table or in the kitchen.

Philips Hue Wireless Dimming

That is where the Philips Hue Wireless dimming kit is so brilliant. The switch itself is portable, but it can also be held on a back plate because the back is magnetic. It can be stuck to the wall with sticky adhesive tap, or it can be screwed to the wall.

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