Sony Bluetooth headphones are quite tough.

I had a little accident today, bumped my head against an overhang in the shop, which wasn’t clearly marked. (I didn’t make a big thing about it, because I probably shouldn’t have been walking so close to the escalator). 

Fortunately though I just caught the top of the headphone band, so my skull was not impacted. Unfortunately my wireless Bluetooth Sony headphones caught the brunt of the hit, ripped off my head and crashed to the ground. It was a clean break. But hey! they still work thanks to that one little wire. 

Anyway, I bought some super glue, and carefully glued them back on. There was only a very small area to glue so I am hoping they will be okay.

I walked back to the car this evening and they are good as new and still sound fantastic, so that was a lucky escape.

SKY SPORTS F1 is ruining my TV Formula One experience.

I use to love watching formula one on TV, but over the last few years the experience has been totally ruined by a group of commentators on SKY SPORTS F1, because they are completely biased towards Lewis Hamilton.

The three main instigators circled above (David Croft, Martin Brundle and Simon Lazenby) are the worst. I use to like Brundle when he commentated with Murray Walker. The two were brilliant together. As an ex-F1 driver, Martin spoke from experience, but I think he is being poisoned by Crofty standing next to him in the commentary box and the two often go on and on about Lewis Hamilton.

Yes Hamilton happens to be the current world champion and is also British, but so what, there are four other world champions in the field, as well as some super exciting young drivers coming through, not to mention some great drivers from around the world who have been around for years racing for the title, so why can’t they talk about these drivers as well?

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Goodbye Bluehost, Hello Amazon Web Services.

Last weekend I was telling my friend James how our website was getting slower and slower on my Bluehost Pro account, which was ridiculous given the amount of money I am spending to host two relatively small websites. Whenever I call or speak to someone at Bluehost, they blame plugins that are installed on my websites. What a load of nonsense.

James suggested I should try out Amazon Web Services the free tier package.  So I did and over the past three days and two nights figured it all out and migrated my website and domain to AWS.


It is 100% faster, loads very quickly in all circumstances (on a tablet, from my mobile phone, through the TV and from my desktop), that I have no doubt, and surprisingly it is running all those bloody plugins that Bluehost told me were causing me all the problems. Best of all for the next year it is going to cost me NOTHING and Bluehost is going to get nothing from me.

I would be lying if I said it was easy to migrate my WordPress website from to Amazon web services, but it has been worth it.

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