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Hello FastComet WordPress Web hosting, Goodbye Amazon Web Services

I gave Amazon Web Services my best shot as it is not a service you can simply sign up too and be up and running  in no time at all. There is a lot to learn and read. It was fun and a steep learning curve to set up my WordPress website through a command line (No cPanel to be seen), and at times a little frustrating when things didn’t work out.

AWS was very rewarding when I had everything up and running. My website was super fast and the tier I was on was free for a year. It is a wonderful platform to learn new things on, to fiddle with all the various network settings, storage, user permissions, security, routing etc. Trust me, I touched only the tip of the iceberg when it came to the AWS Services.

However, in my opinion it is no place for a website you want up and running 24/7. No sir! And that is why I have moved to something a little more stable. In a previous post I mentioned I had been on for many years, but in the past couple of years I noticed a rapid decline in speed and there customer service was really poor and I often had to wait ages for a human to chat too.  So my search for a new host began.


I found FastComet online via many reviews and decided to give them a try. I chatted to one of the Sales reps online and found out tons of information. FastCommet reps were friendly and super helpful.

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Take a look at LastPass password manager.

I generally have a good memory for passwords, but over the years with all the cyber criminals hacking everything I’ve increased the complexity of my passwords, which ultimately makes it harder to remember. That is a good thing until one needs to access a site or app and then its WTF is the password?

Pass">LassPassI gave LastPass a tryout earlier this year and have been thoroughly impressed with them.  They have some excellent features, and their web / app interface is so awesome.

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Airhelp awarded us €900 for our delayed flight from Mexico.

Airhelp rewarded

As the subject suggests our flight from Mexico in April was delayed by 30 hours. The airline was not entirely helpful in terms of offering us compensation.

I did a few searches online to see who could take my case and Airhelp accepted.

  • Their website is great. it is easy to find information and everything is clearly explained. Check out  the know your rights page.
  • You tell them your flight details and they will tell you if your claim is valid. It turned out my claim was valid because it was delayed by more than 3 hours and it was not down to nature, although we did have some of that as well.
  • There are no fees unless they win the case, otherwise it is 25%.
  • The sign up process was easy.
  • Communication was very good. They emailed me every step of the way and answered all my questions promptly.
  • It took less than two months to complete.
  • Payment was equally fast when I heard we had won our case. We got €1200 (less their 25% fee). Payment was arranged through and I got it instantly.

flight delayed for more than 3 hours

I highly recommend if your flight is delayed by greater than 3 hours and is between an EU and non-EU airport.

FIX: Out of the blue my Note 3 randomly reboots.

My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 started to randomly reboot yesterday (20th April 2016). It was puzzling to say the least because I had not installed anything new and had only run some Google updates. The one or two apps that I had installed, I removed, but it made no difference. So I began to troubleshoot.

It rebooted if I did the following:

  1. Uninstalled an app or installed an app.
  2. Switched on / off WI-FI.
  3. Switched on / off data.
  4. Opened more than 3 or 4 Google Apps.

So I checked to see if there was a new version of my ROM. There was, so I did a backup, and then upgraded to the new Temasek’s unoffical Build v6.9 ROM. Sadly this made no difference. The problem persisted.

Then I checked GAPPS and noticed there was a new Open GAPPS as of the 20th April 2016. Coincidence!!!! I think not!

FYI: The one I flashed is called

It has updated a whole host of files and I am fairly confident I have found the cause of the problem.

Good advice – CORE Principle and Margins.

In this clip Sir Dave Brailsford discusses two key theories which contributed to his success with Team GB Cycling. Both of which can be applied to any organisation or industry.

He calls it the CORE Principle. CORE stands for Commitment, Ownership, Responsibility, Excellence and these are four great principles every organisation, company, team or person should work towards.

CyanogenMod release a CM13 nightly Marshmallow ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2.

The folks at CyanogenMod have released a Marshmallow Android 6.0.1 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S2. That is pretty damn amazing considering the smartphone was last seen in 2011.

">Screenshot_20160206-155540 (Small) Screenshot_20160206-155637 (Mobile)

I couldn’t resist giving it a try to see if it worked, but it does and it runs nicely surprisingly on only 1GB of RAM.

If you are going to give it a try out, chances are your SGS2 has Android Kitkat 4.x installed on it, which means the kernel and recovery will be too old. The partition for marshmallow is different as well so that will have to be formatted.

If you don’t have the patience to read through 1273 pages of forum to find out about the bugs and problems or how to do install it, then keep reading below… I will provide the instructions and links.

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Pagination is everywhere in WordPress.

I have a lot of posts on my website (over 800) and as such finding or remembering a post I wrote last year or five years ago can be a pain if I have to click through 5 or even 20 posts.

To simply this process, on any of the WordPress menus (Posts, Links, Categories, Pages etc)…

  1. Click on the Screen Options at the top right of the Dashboard screen.
    Pagination in WordPress 1
  2. This opens a pull down where there is a section called Pagination. Overwrite the number of items per page (20) with a bigger number.
    Pagination in WordPress 2
  3. Now all items are listed on the same page and there is no more clicking through page numbers.
    Pagination in WordPress 3

Flashing stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy Tab S (SM-T800).

A few months ago I wrote about ‘Flashing BlissPop ROM Lollipop 5.0.2 on Samsung Galaxy Tab S (SM-T800)‘. I’ve upgraded this ROM a few times since then, but something went wrong recently, which has caused the sound to not work in all video playback across multiple apps. It is quite odd. Anyway I decided the best way to troubleshoot the problem was to flash a stock Samsung SM-T800 ROM and go from there.

I downloaded the firmware from SAMMobile . They have quite a few country versions, but I picked United Kingdom.

SamMobile SMT800 downloads

After I downloaded the firmware, I grabbed the latest Odin3 v3.10.7.exe and bin file, which needs runs in Windows 10 (and previous versions of Windows).  Here are the steps I followed.

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