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If Estrella Damm made movies, it would be called “The little things” starring Jean Reno and Laia Costa.

I have always enjoyed films starring Jean Reno. He is a great actor. So was pleasantly surprised to see a beer advert with him in it, but this was no ordinary advert. Had it been I would have skipped past it in a heart beat. I gave it a minute and ended up watching the whole thing. Laia Costa is not too shabby either. The location is fantastic. Estrella Damn did well with this light-hearted short movie/advert.

Untappd is the best beer discovery social sharing app & website.

For the past 8 months I have been religiously recording every beer that I drink. I am doing this with an app called Untappd and it has changed the way I drink beer. The app is super intuitive and easy to use.

My profile showing key beer information.

Whether I’m in a pub, restaurant or at home cracking open a can or bottle of beer, the first thing I do is scan the bar code (if possible) or do a search for the beer name. Once the beer has been found in the database, I check it in. If I am at a pub or restaurant I insert the location (useful for others).

Next up I take a photo of the glass of beer, bottle or can and attach it to the check-in. One doesn’t have to take a photo (but a photo is worth a thousands words).

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Cheers to Beer 52 weeks of the year.

G4R9mkTsDBGKvcCGkI63FFToRWPjIm27vHLuCH3F1UXI joined today, thought I would give them a try because I am beer lover and what better way to try out new craft beer from around Britain and the rest of the work than having an independent company send me their best beer picks.

This is hopefully going to work nicely with the Untappd beer app. I’m on a mission to drink as many unique beers around the world and that is coming on nicely given there seems to be unlimited sources of craft beer these days. Everyone is getting in on the action.

Untappd Beer App

If you fancy joining me on this one year quest to experience new beer, then click this link or the image below and get £12 off your first box of beer at

beer52.comImage Source:, Untappd.

Octoberfest beer babes!

I was over at and and couldn’t help but notice the beautiful Octoberfest beer girls and festival photos they had on their sites. Yes folks its that time of the year again. Damn man! I need to go to the Octoberfest in Munich. (Next year).

There is nothing more satisfying for a man seeing beautiful ladies dressed in tradional dirndl dresses and drinking big jugs of beer…. well actually drinking the beer as well would do it for me. Anyway, thanks to Foo for giving me the idea of putting some photos on my site. I didn’t have to search long as I found some photos on The Boston Globe website.

OctoberFest Girls

The photo above was taken by OLIVER LANG/AFP/Getty Images. The man should be given a medal for this photo. It’s truly beautiful.

OctoberFest Upside down

I wonder how many of these lovely ladies were worried about gravity? The photo was taken by Miguel Villagran/Getty Images.

beer waitress

Quite a stunning photograph of a gorgeous waitress carrying 6 large jugs of beer. The Photo was taken by REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch.

five different beers + sambuca + whiskey = stupid.

I went out last night with a few friends to this cool pub called “The Ventry” in Cannon Street and in a short period of time managed to drink five different beers, a Sambuca and a whiskey. I don’t even like Sambuca or Whiskey so I blame my friends for forcing it down my throat (lol).

Why do we do such stupid things to ourselves? I always ponder this thought too late. Don’t get me wrong, the evening was brilliant and it was really good to see everyone, but yesterday I felt really crap all day. Thinking about it now, I don’t want to have a repeat performance in a hurry. Perhaps I am getting old, although it’s not that because next week I will do the same again even though I know it’s stupid. I guess it’s cool to be stupid once a week. Who needs all those brain cells anyway!