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Trial a Nokia device today at WOMWorld/Nokia.

WOMWorld/NokiaDid you know you can trial a Nokia device without even going into a mobile shop? In fact all you need to do is visit WOMWorld/Nokia and go to their Trial a Nokia page, fill in a few details and explain to them why you want to trial a Nokia device and you might be lucky enough to receive an email back offering you a two week trial of one of their devices.

That is exactly what I did a few weeks back. The trial page is very simple, just fill in all the required details, pick the Nokia device you want to trial, give them a few lines explaining why you want to trial their device and submit.

Back in December 2009 I was dead set on getting the Nokia E72 for it’s size, fast processor, latest version of Symbian software, multiple profiles and it’s all round appeal, but then along came the Nokia N900 with its large bright screen, large hard disk, large slide out qwerty keyboard and open source operating system and so the E72 was a mere twinkle in the sky. On paper the two devices are very similar if not the same in processor power, but that is where it ends. I will do a comparison of the two phons in a couple of days.

Now that I have been using the N900 since February, I want to see what it would be like to go back to a light, small mobile with a qwerty keyboard. The E72 is very similar in size to the Blackberry Curve 8900, a mobile I use at work, so another chance for a comparison.

Before the N900 I had the Nokia 5800, Nokia’s first touch screen and the original Nokia N95.

The good news is after a few weeks of waiting, I finally got  confirmation today that the E72 should be with me tomorrow. :-)

In preparation for the two week trial I have signed up with – They offer a free PAYG SIM card and once you are registered you can top up and buy Goodybags, which are a mix of UK minutes, texts, and mobile Internet that lasts for a month.

I did a post on not so long ago ( not quite a better deal and misleading), after I received my SIM card and was in the process of registering when I discovered their website didn’t quite match up, so I didn’t actually try them out because of the various issues I had with them. Having the E72 now will be a good time to give them a chance. I know they have changed a lot since then so hopefully they will be getting a good review from me.

Finally WOMWorld/Nokia wanted to send me a pair of BH-905 bluetooth headphones, but I told them “No need, as I have them already” :-), so I will definitely be putting them to the test on the Nokia E72.

Listening to Decider by Dick Francis on Nokia BH-905.

I am currently listening to a wonderful story called “DECIDER” by Dick Francis on my Noka 5800.

I decided (excuse the pun) to put my new bluetooth headphones (BH-905) to the test. They have 8 noise cancelling microphones that are meant to block out the surrounding noise.  So far they are doing an excellent job. Noise is non-existent with one switches on the ANC button.

I am using a very cool audio application called “PowerMP3” on the Nokia 5800.  I downloaded this from Symbian World and I would go as far as saying “it is better than the default music player on the Nokia 5800XM”.

Dick Francis – Decider, Architect Lee Morris has plans to restore Stratton Park racecourse to its former grandeur. But the combative Stratton heirs have violent plans of their own.

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Nokia 5800 new firmware v31.0.101 available.

There is a new firmware download for the Nokia 5800. It is version 31.0.101 and I have successfully installed it.

I was not able to download OTA (over the air), as it says not available, but it is there to download through the new Nokia Software Updater (v1.8.10en).

I can tell immediately that the new version does not bring Kinetic Scrolling in the Internet, Address book, Gallery or Music lists, but it seems a lot quicker (perhaps because it rebooted the phone) moving through the address book, music lists and gallery. Photos load immediately and I have over 500 photos on my phone and almost 5 GB’s of music and video etc.

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New firmware (v31.0.008) available for Nokia 5800XM.

There is a new software update for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic mobile phone. It takes the old version from 30.0.011 to 31.0.008 and adds a few more improvements to the phone namely; Improved navigation with Ovi Maps 3.0 and improved performance. (no sign of kinetic scrolling).

New firmware update for Nokia 5800XM 31.0.008

The firmware was not available OTA (over the air), but I managed to find it in the Nokia Suite under “Nokia Software Updater”.  The file size is 133.3MB and updates the phone in about 2 minutes after which it reboots twice and is ready for use.

New firmware update for Nokia 5800XM 31.0.008 Software update complete

After the upgrade you can check your phone for the latest version by typing in *#0000# and one should see the following on screen:


5800XM shortcut bar, contacts and dialer not working – Fix.

p1000538-smallIt had to happen. I CRASHED my Nokia 5800XM front screen after installing something (not sure what as I have installed a lot of applications recently thanks to the brilliant OVI Store).

This morning I noticed my front screen was missing the shortcut bar although I could press the buttons, but nothing was happening. The Contact and Dialer buttons at the bottom were visible but they didn’t do anything when pressed.

Annoyingly these things happen when lots of applications come together and doing a quick search on-line I see it has happened to a few others. I can accept that these little quirks don’t happen often, so I backed up the phone using the Nokia PC Suite software and then did a hard reset.

FIX: To hard reset your phone from off, hold the camera button, the green button and the red button down and with your spare fingers press the power button in. This can be quite tricky but if you have an extra hand it’s easy. After the initial boot up sequence, you will be prompted to setup the country, the date and time. Restore your backup and you should have your old phone setup back.

Of course that is what all the web sites say, but typically I discovered I had lost a few key applications such as the brilliant Nokia Messaging and a few others applications that were installed on the memory card. I am not sure why they have not restored properly, but it’s not a train smash. This is a good way of purging crap off your phone.

New Facebook application for Nokia 5800XM is awesome!

scr000053I am not a huge fan of Facebook and all the silly applications that come with it, but for communicating with friends and family it is brilliant. I’ve been using it on my various mobiles for quite some time now although none of the FB applications were that user friendly or in the Nokia 5800XM’s case “finger friendly”….. until now!

Symbian have release a new version of the Facebook application especially for the touch screen Nokia 5800XM and N97 and it’s a pleasure to use. The screen options are clear, there are nice big buttons and accessing the various menus are very easy and fast. One of the coolest features is the camera button (see top left corner). Pressing on this button pops up a choice to take a photo using the onboard camera, or one can select a photo from your phones gallery, but either way the photo is immediately uploaded into a new or existing album in your Facebook profile. It’s lightning fast as well. I was walking down Cannon street yesterday and literally snapping photos and uploading. It’s such a useful part of the application, especially if you are a happy snapper like me and want to share photos with your friends and family.

Other cool things are the quick access buttons to comments (see the little comments balloons to the right of the news feed) and quick access to your profile, status, friends, photos and Inbox. What makes this application work on the 5800XM is all the screen space. Nothing feels like it’s been squashed in and for that reason it’s a pleasure to use.

You can download the Facebook application from the Nokia OVI store on your PC, or download it FREE from the OVI store  on your phone. To install the OVI store application you need to download it from their website. It should prompt you to install the OVI application on your Nokia phone when you first login or enter the site. The OVI store is another cool application and allows one to download free or pay applications, music, ring tones, photos etc. There is a link below.

(Facebook application for S60v5 generation phones highly recommended).


The Nokia 5800XM is not just a phone!


I have had the Nokia 5800XM for about two months now and so far I have mixed feelings about it. It’s no where near as good as the Nokia N95, which was by far the best smartphone on the planet and which I raved about for two and a half years.

Obviously the N95 was an N-Series smartphone and the 5800 is Nokia’s first real touch screen and they have tried to give it a music feel to it. Not sure it really comes across as a music phone, as the music player is okay, or very similar to the N95 in what it does and shows on the screen.

I am not sure if Nokia made this phone and hoped it would compete against the iPhone or the Blackberry Storm or all the other new touch screen models out there. So the iPhone touch interface is slightly better, but that is about it for the iPhone as it doesn’t come close to this phone in terms of features.

The things I don’t like about the 5800XM:

  1. Most definitely the touch screen or touch experience. The lack of buttons is a big thing for me. (If it had buttons and touch screen then maybe).
  2. Texting which I do a lot of is now a pain in the arse, because the touch screen forces you to look at the screen, where as with a normal keys it was quite easy to feel your way around the keypad and type fast.
  3. Typing is a lot slower, because of the touch screen, and one has to hit the screen quite hard and it has to be in the area of the letter.
  4. The camera is only a 3mp, and doesn’t take great photos (if compared to the N95).

What I like about the phone:

  1. Even though it’s not an N-Series phone, it’s got all the connectivity features of my old N95 (wireless, fast internet, 3G, Edge, HSDPA, A2DP bluetooth etc).
  2. It supports SD cards up to 16GB. Very handy for storing music and videos.
  3. It’s plays video in a lovely widescreen format, and watching videos is a pleasure.
  4. It’s running the latest Symbian software, which is a pleasure to use.
  5. There are hundreds if not thousands of Apps (lot of free apps as well).
  6. There are many applications that work really well with the touch screen, such as Google Maps, LastFM, FoneFood, FriendView etc.

What I have loaded on the phone at present in terms of applications:

  1. X-Plore (brilliant).
  2. PhoneTorch (brilliant).
  3. ScreenSnap (brilliant).
  4. SMS Timer (brilliant) – allows one to schedule SMS’s, excellent if you don’t want to send a SMS immediately.
  5. AccuWeather (brilliant).
  6. PhotoBrowser – funky browser with magnifying glass. (Nice Gimmick).
  7. TagReader – Microsoft’s barcode reader (Very Clever).
  8. BarCode – Nokia’s barcode reader (Very Clever).
  9. Split the bill – Very useful if you dine in large groups and have the habbit of splitting the bill.
  10. Google Maps, Google Search, Google Calendar, Google Documents, Google Translate, Gmail – All very useful applications which I use daily.
  11. Soft Touch Stop Watch.
  12. Friend View which uses the GPS to pinpoint you and your friends. (Very useful).
  13. Nokia Maps.
  14. Metro de Paris, NYC Subways maps.
  15. FoneFood – A very clever and useful app from – used to find restaurants in whatever area you might be in.
  16. MyPhone – Ha Ha this is a classic application! It’s called “Exceeding iPhone” and they have somehow managed to use the iPhone UI (user interface) on the 5800XM. So you have a Nokia 5800 with an iPhone interface. It’s darn clever. Check out their website.
  17. Bounce (game).
  18. RT GR (game).
  19. SudokuMaster (game).
  20. Checkers (game).
  21. MR2 (game).
  22. Sensitive (game).
  23. Solitaire (game).
  24. Shuffle Shock (game).
  25. Quickblock (game).
  26. R.Bubbles (game).

Nokia Map free 7 days licence – not quite!

NokiaMaps Licence ExpiryNokia recently offered a free 7 day licence of Nokia Maps, which was very kind of them, but instead of making it free from the date of activation, they literally made it free from the day they made the offer (27th of December 2008 four 7 days)…. Not really a gift then Nokia.

It would have been a lot better if one could use it anytime, such as when you are on holiday. Not everyone drives or walks or site sees between Xmas and New Years. Some of us do work.

ZooZBeat on my Nokia N95.

screenshot0047This awesome little application called ZooZBeat makes use of the accelerometer in the Nokia N95, N98 and N93. It originally came from the inferior, crappy iPhone platform. I guess the guys at ZooZ Mobile realized that making software for just one phone company was silly when the majority of phones offering the accelerometer are in fact the Nokia’s and latest phones.

The application allows one to create music using different instruments and beats using hand gestures or phone movements. The free download version offers 1 beat and a few instruments (I think 10), but if you purchase ZooZBeat for the ridiculous sum of $3.00, then you get 4 background beats and over 20 instruments including voice. You can also edit, clear and delete notes, and load, save and delete songs. It even has an undo feature. It works perfectly well in horizontal mode as well.

One can use the keypad to play different notes, or you can just shake or tilt the phone and different sounds are produced.  At the moment the only problem I have with it is a system error (-12) when I try and save a song. I have contacted support for this.

It’s quite simply an awesome application.

Here is a video of the application playing on a Nokia N95.

WordMobi updated to 0.3.2.

There is a new release of WordMobi, the WordPress application for Symbian phones.

New to this release is an upgrade option via the About menu so no more removing the application to upgrade it. (very nice).


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