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Put me to sleep next time you extract my tooth.


Yesterday I visited the dentist for some tooth work. Last year I put off having a crown repaired because it wasn’t painful nor did the tooth have a nerve in it, so I wasn’t too bothered about it. I also didn’t have enough money in my dental plan to deal with it. I told the dentist I was going to increase my dental plan and use it this year to fix all the problems. Ha! I remember the expression on the dentists face when I told him that. Leave a bad tooth in your mouth, are you nuts?

Three months on and Murphy’s law called upon me, since I have had some pain somewhere near or on that tooth. Just some throbbing every now and again, no stabbing pain when eating or drinking hot or cold food/drink, so I arranged a dentist appointment.

The original tooth had root canal and was capped with a metal crown. I reckon it was done about 10 years ago by a dentist in Surrey Quays. The crown was now broken and had a hole right through the top and side, so my dentist wanted to investigate.

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