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Goodbye Facebook.

I stopped using Facebook 26 days ago to see if it would make a difference in my life. By ‘stopped’ I mean I uninstalled the app from my mobile and stopped checking Facebook, commenting, liking and browsing endless, pointless statuses. I also culled over 50% of my friends list. I tell you, it has been great!

For me the Facebook experience has always been a little hit and miss. I am not one for posting a status update every day of the week and I am definitely not one to share a personal conversation with my wife over my Facebook status, nor would I bore you with my bowel movements on Monday or what my cat was licking yesterday afternoon. You laugh! Read what your Facebook friends are posting.

So after 26 days I have not missed … seeing dozens of Facebook adverts of stuff that I don’t want, or friend invites to games that I would never play or photographs of … babies, cats, dogs, wild animals being hunted into extinction, birds, plates of food, cups of coffee, memes, cars, motor bikes, google maps showing airport check-ins…

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What it means to live in the UK?

It means a great deal to me for multiple reasons (1st world, diversity, great services, central travel hub, weather, good beer etc.), but in this post I will give ONE excellent reason.

I lost my wallet on Tuesday evening at Lewisham station. It contained my drivers license, bank cards, credit cards, ID cards, some cash and some work receipts etc. 

Annoying to have lost it = YES, but I realized the loss quickly and called my banks to let them know, called the train station to report a lost wallet and logged into the DVLA website and purchased a replacement drivers licence. Basically by the time I went to bed, I had peace of mind that everything would be okay.

On Thursday morning I received in the post all my new bank cards and credit cards. It took less than two days for my bank to resolve my problem. That is excellent service in my eyes. 

On Friday I got a call from British Rail. My wallet had been found and I could collect it.  

Today (Saturday) my new drivers license has arrived. 

That is less than 4 days to have my life back to normal again. Talk about efficiency! The UK is efficient.

One great reason why living in the UK is awesome! 

Congratulations Nico Rosberg on becoming the F1 world champion.

Wow what a race? Nico Rosberg is a world champion. It has taken him a few years, and he has raced against the best in the world, but this year he proved he was more hungry for the title. All those emotions coming out on the podium and in the many interviews. It is so good to have a new humble, gracious champion.


Unlike his team mate, who has shown on a number of occasions and today that he is a spoilt, petulant, bad sportsman, who only thinks of himself and not his team. This years biggest loser. (Nice one Lewis) NOT!

“I am losing the world championship so right now I don’t really care whether I win or lose this race.”

“Lewis, this is Paddy. We need you to pick up the pace to win this race”
“I’m in the lead right now. I’m quite comfortable where I am”

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE & Samsung Pay will NOT work in the UK.

I just had a chat with Samsung regarding the new Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch that is supposedly available from today in the UK.


Before anyone in the UK rushes out and buys one, take note of these three important facts that Samsung failed to mention in their Gear S3 launch and advertising videos.

  1. The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE version will NOT be available in the UK, meaning the smart watch cannot be used to make stand-alone phone calls. You will need your Samsung smartphone.
  2. Samsung PAY will not work in the UK.
  3. Your Samsung phone cannot be paired to some Bluetooth headphones while it is paired to the Samsung Gear S3 smart watch.

Read my transcript from a recent conversation with Samsung. Talk about mega disappointment and a total FAIL on Samsung’s part.

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Why do railway companies need train conductors?

Every couple of months in the news there is a mention of a train company striking. Today it is Southern Railway. If you didn’t know already about the upcoming inconvenience, here are the upcoming strike dates:


The Standard writes;

The on-going dispute between Southern and the RMT union is over the role of train conductors. Southern plans to change the role of its 400 plus conductors from August with the introduction of driver only operated trains.

So Southern Railway want to modernize their network by making the train driver more responsible for the train and not the conductor.  What is wrong with that?  Do commuter trains really need a conductor?

Chaps, we are in the 21st century! London has proved through the DLR that trains don’t need conductors checking tickets, ensuring doors are opened and closed, making announcements, because the entire system is computerized from buying the ticket, to checking in and out to actually driving the train.  Driver-less trains, what an invention?

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SKY SPORTS F1 is ruining my TV Formula One experience.

I use to love watching formula one on TV, but over the last few years the experience has been totally ruined by a group of commentators on SKY SPORTS F1, because they are completely biased towards Lewis Hamilton.

The three main instigators circled above (David Croft, Martin Brundle and Simon Lazenby) are the worst. I use to like Brundle when he commentated with Murray Walker. The two were brilliant together. As an ex-F1 driver, Martin spoke from experience, but I think he is being poisoned by Crofty standing next to him in the commentary box and the two often go on and on about Lewis Hamilton.

Yes Hamilton happens to be the current world champion and is also British, but so what, there are four other world champions in the field, as well as some super exciting young drivers coming through, not to mention some great drivers from around the world who have been around for years racing for the title, so why can’t they talk about these drivers as well?

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My thoughts on the GoPro Hero 4 Silver edition.

I bought a Go Pro Hero 4 Silver two months ago primarily because I wanted a camera that could take excellent HD video as well as still photos in all weather and terrain conditions. I didn’t want a point and shoot, as they are a little bulky and not ideal for attaching onto things.


I did my usual couple of days of intense research, watched dozens of videos, read tons of reviews and looked around for similar cameras, but only the Sony Action Cam HDR-AS100V had something that came close.

One thing I was really keen on was the screen on the back of the camera. Its touch screen and it is awesome because there is no need to press the front button or side button multiple times to go through the clunky menu. It works well even in the protective case, as GoPro supply a special back cover that can be accessed even with gloves. Not to mention all the wonderful accessories, there are hundreds of possibilities for the camera.

2016 has so far been a special year for Jo and I. In March we spent a week skiing in Austria, scaled a glacier and skied down it, went tobogganing down an icy road and walked in the pouring snow. In April/May we were in Mexico City and the surrounding areas and experiened all modes of transport (plane, hot bus, hot car, segway) and in late April my work sent me to Bali, where we worked hard 😉 and went quad biking in the rice paddy fields. This weekend we are off camping and I am hoping to test out the Night Lapse mode, but I have had plenty of opportunity to test out the camera and its features.

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TUC to GO biscuits are a major FAIL.

I love the original TUC biscuits. They are crispy, light, salty biscuits, that are perfect for a morning or afternoon snack.

TUC Original

They use to come in a large rectangular bag (150g), which could be opened and closed easily as it had a sticky side. There were at least 28 biscuits in a bag, which is great for sharing (if you are that way inclined).  😉

Now it seems some FOOL at United Biscuits or Jacobs, has decided to take a winning formula and turn it into a disaster, by squeezing 4 measly biscuits into a small ‘TUC to GO’ bag (19g).

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Whenever I register with a new company, be it online or in a shop, I always check or un-check the option to receive marketing emails. Yet some companies take the piss and ignore these boxes and send SPAM regardless. is one such company.

I wrote to them recently asking to be unsubscribed and they promptly replied telling me I had been unsubscribed from all marketing email, and yet this morning I received the following: SPAM

So I did what every good citizen should do…

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All I wanted to do was export my Spotify playlists to Google Music…

spotify-vs-google-musicGod dammit daddy! Why can’t the world be an easy place? All I am trying to do is export my Spotify playlists to Google Music…

A few of the solutions require running scripts via terminal, which do not seem to work for me because I don’t have RUBY installed. (because why would I have bloody RUBY installed as I am not a developer?)…

Grrrr. So I am installing Ruby on my iMac, but more on that later…

Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeJo recently got a new phone “Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge” because her old phablet the “Samsung Galaxy Note 3” didn’t have beautiful curved edges (ha ha). Anyhow her phone came with  6 months free access to Google Music. We’ve never used it before because we have shared a Spotify Pro account for the past three years. The Pro account at £9.99 has up until now been excellent, with a great choice of music. It allows us to listen to almost any artist and band, create playlists, radio stations, or listen to new and upcoming music with no adverts. It even works in tunnels.  We can’t really knock Spotify as its been our main Music Streaming app in our car, on our phones, at home on the TV, on the AV receiver and on the PC etc.

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