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Log me in.com

I was told about this cool package called Logmein.com
Access your home or work computer from any web-enabled device, including a laptop or pocket PC – for true mobility, freedom and flexibility.

Visit customers, go on vacation or go home early and still have total control of your computer as if you were sitting in front of it.

Some other features of the PAY package are:

  • Remote Control
    Fully control the mouse and keyboard of any remote PC from a web browser.
  • File Manager
    Securely access, transfer and backup important files and folders.
  • File Share
    Easily share files – even those that are too large for email.
  • The only problem I have with this package is the price of $69.95 per year per machine.

    Are these guys on the herb?

    There are other excellent packages such as RealVNC or Remote Administrator and they offer similar features for free.

    BUT, after using it tonight to access my web server on another machine, and my work PC in another county, I must say it is pretty damm amazing, fast as hell, in fact it is faster than Ultra VNC and to date that is all I have used. So I will be using the free edition of logmein.com, which allows remote control only and Ultra VNC for file transfer.

    15 years on…

    Crappy old floppy disks.
    It’s fifteen years this month since LucasFilm Games released "The secret of Monkey Island". I remember sitting around my next door neighbours Intel 80286XT, with it’s 16 colour cga monitor, 640kb RAM and 20MB hard drive. 🙂 The game was really exciting and you had to click on different parts of the screen to find out things so you could progress to the next screen. Very basic in today’s terms, but never the less an excellent game. It had cool funky music, which I think can be found on some nokia phones as a ringtone.

    Mind the gap!

    Mind the gap

    Ha Ha, this is really funny, although one shouldn’t laugh at others misfortune…. No, you must laugh because who are the fools working in a place where there is a great big hole in the floor.

    Have you ever wondered if you were in a plane crash, high up in the sky, how you would survive a 35,000 feet fall. Well it is possible, read how?

    Get more from GMail.

    Gmail Drive

    With 2Gb of free online storage for each account, Google’s GMail webmail service has already attracted thousands of loyal users, even though it hasn’t been officially launched yet. It didn’t take long for some enterprising soul to find another use for the service though. With GMail Drive, you can use your 2Gb mailbox as an online disk drive that you can access from any computer that has an internet connection – a great way to transfer files between the office an home.

    If you haven’t got a GMail account, invitations are freely available at Isnoop.net. Oh! dear, that link does not work anymore, so you will just have to beg some kind soul for a GMail account. 🙁

    Baby giant panda named Tai Shan!

    Baby giant panda

    Tai Shan, which means “peaceful mountain,” got his name according to Chinese custom and as the result of a public online contest in which more than 202,000 people voted. Tai Shan was conceived by artificial insemination after zoo scientists determined that Mei Xiang and male panda Tian Tian did not successfully mate. The cub was born on the 9th of July 2005.

    The cubs growth has been well documented and you can read all about it at Smithsonian National Zoological Park web site.

    Come on Winter!

    New Boiler

    We have just had a new Vaillant Combi Boiler put in to replace the crap boiler we had before. What a pleasure to feel warmth almost immediately.

    Last winter it use to take over 3 hours for the radiators to heat up, but most times they didn’t even work. We spent a fortune in gas bills, but hopefully that will not happen this winter.

    We now know a good plumber, so if you want his contact details, send me an email. (obviously SE England only).

    Friday + Beer = Weekend!

    I found this great site today while surfing Guinnespig.net. It’s a web site for men & lesbians (Ah! the L Word 🙂 , which is definitely a word not banned on this site).

    Anyway, the site is called BEER.COM and it’s got everything one could ask for, but what caught my eye was the Virtual Bartender.

    Click to Enter Virtual Bartender Site

    The idea is that you type in your order and the lovely girls do things for you. (well that is the hope… ha ha!). Give it a try, it’s quite funny. Be creative in your orders and you will be rewarded.

    I also found the single girl version of Virtual Bartender.

    If you must cheat then go to the next page. Continue reading Friday + Beer = Weekend!


    The latest kitchen appliance for the couch potato

    Do you ever find yourself gasping for a cup of tea, but you just can’t summon the strength to switch the kettle on? Does it all seem too much? Is all hope for the afternoon tea break fading away?

    Fear not, for PG Tips have invented the SMS kettle. You can now put the water on to boil at the flick of a switch.,..oh, sorry, touch of a button. Just text “switch on” to your kettle’s phone number (there are so many things wrong with this…do you want your kettle to have a phone number?) and it will oblige.

    A spokeswoman for PG told Ananova: “It could revolutionise tea-time. Now there is no excuse for not putting the kettle on.”
    But why exactly you would want this function is something of a mystery to us. After all, it isn’t going to fetch your favourite mug from the cupboard, rummage around for the last teabag and combine all the relevant ingredients once the water is boiled, is it?

    It won’t text you when its boiled, either. Nor, according to reports, does it have a whistle.

    If this is the best attack on the British Way of LifeTM the Lizard Army can muster, we can probably sleep easy for a little longer.

    The kettle, dubbed ReadyWhenUR, goes on sale next year.

    In the unlikely event England reach the World Cup semi-final next year, an SMS kettle may allow footy fans to turn on their kettle’s slightly earlier than everyone else, thus marginally reducing a power surge that might otherwise strain the national grid.

    That’s if the SMS gets through faster than it takes to walk to the kitchen, of course. Other than this I can think of no useful application of the technology.

    The Register, 2005

    Dragon boat racing in the rain.

    Today was my works Away Day, the first one I have been on in almost 6 years at LBTH. So hats off to them for arranging it. It was held at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre. The first part of the day was spent indoors going through the usual 🙁 team building stuff such as “how to offer a better service to the customer?” and “How to improve our lives at work?” or something to that extent… As usual there was the odd finger pointing and laying blame etc.

    After lunch and a promise of some fine weather we headed onto the water into two Dragon Boats. We were given a quick demonstration on how to row forwards, backwards, how to stop the boat. (photos to follow soon… Tecla, I hope you will be sharing your photographs).

    Dragon Boat Racing

    And then it happened… The heavens opened, and the rain came pouring down (typical English weather). At least it wasn’t cold and windy.

    The first race we lost by a whisker, but only because we let the other team win. 😉 I must say it was pretty darn tiring on the arms. At one point I thought my arm was going to fall right off, because it was so tired. In the second race we won by a few strokes, a really good achievement considering we were the only team to have a lady on board. Not that we were disadvantaged or anything.

    In the last race I think we lost, but it was a pretty close call. Overall it was very enjoyable although the weather could have been a bit kinder to us. Still, I am not grumbling as it was a damm side better than being indoors all day.

    New site starts in October.

    Welcome to our new LookatBowen web site. It’s still early days so don’t expect much in the way of news or site updates. I am in the process of embedding my photo album (the new Gallery 2 photo album) into WordPress 1.5, (the engine running this web site). It’s been a real bitch of a project, but so far it’s all working and it’s looking great if I may say so myself.

    I will be keeping the old site running until I have moved everything over to this one. You will still be able to access it, just under the following name old.lookatbowen.com

      So what is new:

    • There is now a random photo thumbnail on the right side bar. If you click on the thumbnail it will load the photo into the main body of the page. (pretty cool).
    • If you are having difficulty reading the text, you can now adjust the font size by making it bigger Increase or smaller Decrease.
    • You can also justify the text Left Centre Right.
    • You can also bookmark our site Bookmark and print Print if you wish.
    • Here is an example of an embedded photo 27 within the body of the text. I don’t actually have the path of the image, just the ID file, and WordPress has automatically thumbnailed the image and placed it into the page with the right code. Quite impressive.

    The photo gallery has taken some time, as the backgrounds were all screwed up. Hopefully they will look pleasing on the eye. Please do leave a comment if you feel the look is not right, as I would like to know what you think.