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FIX: Windows 10 File Explorer and Control panel fails to open.

Problem: File Explorer in Windows 10 fails to open and just flicks for a second and does nothing.

Question: Did you or a family member change the size of the text or font recently? If the answer is Yes then this is most likely the cause of the problem.


  1. In the Search bar at the bottom of the screen type “Change the size” and then at the top of the search results menu, click on the link that appears.
    Change the size
  2. Look for the ‘Change the size of text, apps, and other items‘ slider and change it to 150% if it is set to something higher.
    Change to 150%
  3.  Your File Explorer or Control Panel will now open.

How to show thumbnail icons in Windows 10?

Before: I recently noticed my Windows 10 was not showing the thumbnail preview icons. It didn’t matter how big or small the icon was, it would show the default windows image for the file type. This is not very useful if one is looking at a folder full of icons.

default thumbnailsAfter: Icons showing correctly.

Updated thumbnails2

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Windows 10 is dead on my 2008 iMac.

I don’t know what Microsoft did in the latest updates, but it has totally fracked my Windows 10. I use to be able to leave my windows running indefinitely and it would work just fine when I logged in, but ever since the update, I have noticed it is dead to the world. Nothing works, or it is working so slowly that the only way to get anything done is to hold the power button in and reboot, then wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to stop reading or indexing and then its good to go. It is unreal. Does it not know I am looking at the Surface Pro 4 i7? At this rate I will have to replace my old iMac from 2008. 🙂

OSX version 10.10.3

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Easily switch between audio devices.

I have stereo speakers connected to my PC, but sometimes I want to take my music to another room via a Bluetooth speaker or at night I want to listen to my headphones without disturbing others around me. Switching between audio devices requires multiple clicks through multiple settings menus. What a pain!

Audio Switcher PlaybackAS-Hotkeys

To the rescue is a small (275KB) program called Audio Switcher. This clever little app installs in seconds and is a breeze to set up. Best of all it lives minimized in the notification bar of your Windows machine and can be set up with hot keys to quickly switch between audio devices.


Just for good measures it also works in Windows 10. Worthy of a PayPal donation (Confirmation number: 4PF88076BC623104F).