To Do

This website is a full time project for Bowen and as such needs a TO DO List.

Work in progress:

  • Migrate from Gallery 3 to Photo Gallery – December 2015 to December 2017. This is a big project with over 6000 photos, 350 albums and all photos need to be re-sized and re-grouped. (big job).
  • Remove the old Gallery 3 from the Host site.
  • Clean up files on the host server.
  • Link the Maps to the various photo albums (work in progress).
  • Install and configure Yoast SEO.
  • Clean up many posts from the past that have broken links or links to the old Gallery 3 photos or albums (this is a big job, as the website has thousands of posts over 12 years).
  • Install a SEO plug called Yoast.
  • DON’T WIPE OUT THE WEBSITE – Been there done that got the T-Shirt – Wiped out everything last week after cleaning up Revision files, thankfully had a backup.
  • Clean up the hundred odd categories into ten main categories, because who needs that many categories?
  • There is a new theme 2017, but it requires rejigging all the menus, updating the screen sizes, a big job for 2017! 🙂