If Estrella Damm made movies, it would be called “The little things” starring Jean Reno and Laia Costa.

I have always enjoyed films starring Jean Reno. He is a great actor. So was pleasantly surprised to see a beer advert with him in it, but this was no ordinary advert. Had it been I would have skipped past it in a heart beat. I gave it a minute and ended up watching the whole thing. Laia Costa is not too shabby either. The location is fantastic. Estrella Damn did well with this light-hearted short movie/advert.

My DJI Mavic Pro captured 360 degree video of River Thames snaking through Kent and Essex.

Spring is certainly here in the UK. We’ve had lovely clear blue skies and very little wind recently, just what the drone doctor ordered. It has been amazing flying my DJI Mavic Pro.

My confidence is increasing every time I fly and I am going further and higher than before. Recently I have been flying down by the River Thames, about a mile from the QE2 bridge on the Kent side.

My latest video above is a 360 degree pan.  It shows the River Thames snaking its way through Kent and Essex towards London. This video was shot a few minutes before sunset at a height of 250 feet give or take.

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Good advice – CORE Principle and Margins.

In this clip Sir Dave Brailsford discusses two key theories which contributed to his success with Team GB Cycling. Both of which can be applied to any organisation or industry.

He calls it the CORE Principle. CORE stands for Commitment, Ownership, Responsibility, Excellence and these are four great principles every organisation, company, team or person should work towards.

Hello Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

Did you watch the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices event? It was a draw dropping spectacle.

Check out the thousands of tweets covering the events over at twitter, just search #windows10devices.

Two devices grabbed my attention. Take a look at the awesome videos below:

The Surface Pro 4 : Syklake Core M, i5 and i7, Windows 10, new keyboard and pen. 12.3″ PixelSense screen, pixel density of 267ppi, up to 16GB RAM and 1TB of storage, two USB 3.0 ports, fingerprint sensor, 8 megapixel front camera. Full technical specifications here.

The Surface Book – The Ultimate laptop has a 13.5″ PixelSense Display, 6 million pixels, 267 DPI, NVIDIA Accelerated graphics, NVIDIA GeForce GPU, High speed GDDR5 memory, 2x USB 3.0 , Full size SD Card, Precision glass trackpad, 5-point mutitouch, Integrated backlit keyboard, Machined magnesium body, Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge, 6th generation Intel Core processor, Up to 16GB RAM & 1TB storage, Thinnest and lightest Intel Core i7 PC, Muscle Wire Lock. At around about 55 seconds into the video comes an awesome surprise. Full Technical Specifications here.

The big question is will either fit in the docking station I bought for the Surface Pro 3? If yes, then I have until my next trip to the US to decide which Windows 10 device I will be getting.

Edit: One answer found already via

NEW YORK—Microsoft gave its Surface Pro tablet an upgrade today. Surface Pro 4 has the same shape and size as Surface Pro 3, but it now sports a Skylake 6th generation Core processor.

The tablet also has a larger screen; what was a 12-inch 2160×1440 screen is now 12.3 inches with a 267PPI display. The larger screen has been incorporated without changing the overall dimensions of the system, so it remains compatible with the Surface Pro 3 Dock.

That is music to my ears,

The quadcopter L6052 by Lishitoys is so much fun.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have lots of fun. As mentioned in my previous post I got given a radio controlled helicopter from my secret santa. Yes it may have been a kids toy or gadget, but it was one of the best presents I had received in along time. It was very simplistic and allowed me to fly around the lounge for 8 minutes at a time. It got me watching YouTube videos on radio controlled helicopters and I discovered RC quadcopter.

One particular chap called “Quadcopter 101” has done many reviews on all sorts of RC models and has a great website for folk starting out in RC Quadcopter, not to mention dozens of YouTube videos.


He recently reviewed and recommended the Lishitoys L6052 quadcopter, so I followed his advice and bought one. It cost $35 from . As it was so cheap I wasn’t expecting much from it, but I have been pleasantly surprised. The fun factor versus the price is incredible. The L6052 is well built. I’ve crashed it loads of times in the house (obviously not the best place to fly it), but it is strong and has withstood some big crashes without any problems. It comes with  blade guards to protect limbs and furniture against the spinning blades, so it is great for large rooms, but the best place to fly it is in a field or park (or desert).

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