I have being playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer sadly / happily for over 48 hours now. Not all at once of course (that privledge is only offered to the benefit thief or youngster bunking school – :-)), but if one thinks of 2 days 6 hours and 26 minutes that is a bloody long time to play one game.  If the truth to be told, the only other game that I have played longer over a period of a year or two is Guitar Hero or Rock Band on the Xbox 360. This is the only online game I have played on PS3 that comes close to the fun and enjoyment of GH or RB! This game truly rocks in multiplayer mode.

Most of my friends who have Xbox or PS3 are now playing BFBC2. One major shame is that we cannot play across platforms. I wish the Electronic Arts and DICE sort this out, because it’s impractical to buy the game twice for both consoles.

So I found this cool site that displays your online statistics. The site is BFBCS. Below are just a few that I like. It is difficult to pick one because they offer different information.