I recently hired a BMW from the Tower Bridge branch of Thrifty.co.uk and I can tell you the service and experience was excellent. The price was equally good considering they beat every other car hire place I looked at for a BMW 320D. The website was very easy to use, and picking the car was simple. Shortly after placing the booking, I received an email with the details attached in a PDF file.


The day before I was meant to pick up the car I received a reminder from Thrifty Tower Bridge, which was a nice touch. (yes probably automated but still it is great they care). I arrived ten minutes before pick-up time and was greeted by a very friendly man called Frances. He was very cheerful despite the miserable weather outside. He ran through all the details with me in his office, and he was extra helpful when it came to the insurance and costs etc.

BMW 320D

One thing I will say – Make sure you bring all the necessary paper work as stated in the email or PDF file. Without those documents Thrifty will not hire you a car. There are quite a few negative comments on Google, clearly by someone who arrived with no papers expecting to hire a car. Not Thrifty’s fault at all.

I had all the correct paperwork and was in and out their offices in under 15 minutes. Thrifty guarantee to give you a car upgrade if your vehicle is not available on the day. It so happened mine wasn’t so Frances bumped my rental up to a lovely brand new BMW 320D Estate. It had a little under 3000 miles on the clock. 

It was a lovely car to drive for our two week holiday and if ever there was a ever a great place to test out a car, Scotland and the Lake District must be the place. 

Something I learnt today when I dropped off the car. Thrifty own their cars unlike other car rental places that lease their cars. They also pay high insurance for them and if you cannot bring the right documents as stated then why should they trust you with their expensive cars.

Would I buy a BMW 320D Estate = Maybe, unless it had all the bells and whistles (electric mirrors, seating adjustments, spare wheel, front sensors, lane sensors etc). This one didn’t, but it had everything else, so that is why I said maybe. It was quite crap getting into my car and not having all of the above. Still my car isn’t costing me anything so until it go kaput it will have to do.