So much for formula 1 racing drivers having lightening fast reactions, if that were true for all drivers, then why didn’t Rubens Barrichello recognize that there was going to be no gap alongside Michael Schumacher to get by?

I agree the move from Schumacher was dangerous because he could see Barrichello in his mirrors, but surely Barrichello must have recognized that Schumacher was not going to let him by safely or easily, so why risk it? Look at the angle of Michael’s car (at this point Rubens could have slowed down or avoided taking the move)?

Look at the angle now and yet his foot is still firmly on the peddle, even with the pit lane exit looming up ahead. It was inevitable that Barrichello was going to be heading for the wall if he didn’t lift off the gas, yet he carried on going, so surely he is as much to blame as Schumacher. Look at Barrichello’s right wheel, already crossing the line.

New Rule Proposal: There should be a rule, such as the rule that states cars exiting the pit lane are not allowed to cross the white line, the same rule should apply for cars coming past the start / finish line towards the pit exit. Rubens has clearly risked himself by crossing that line and heading towards the pit wall and he has also put his car in the path of any car exiting the pit exit lane. Imagine if there was a car exiting the pits at that very moment in time… I guess we don’t want to imagine that!

In my opinion both drivers were at fault although the incident could have been avoided by Rubens and Michael. Both drivers should have both received grid slot penalties for the next race, but as always it’s the F1 world against Schumacher. If he is not being bashed by Eddie Jordan or Jonathan Legard every race for coming back to F1, then it’s the rest of the paddock.

Let us not forget the other great drivers who found themselves in a similar position.

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