Nothing like buying something and following the installation instructions to the letter, only to discover that the diagram showing the wiring is totally wrong. Yes in this day and age we still have companies supplying instructions that are completely wrong or they have not taken into account the multiple wiring options on offer, not that British Telecom (BT) have many wiring standards.

Here is the diagram Philex offer in the instructions and on the back of the box for their DIY Telephone Extension Kit:


The correct wiring is below (the diagram in the middle):

One thing to note:

The Philex kit has a Black, Red, Yellow and Green Cable combination, and I didn’t need to use the Green cable in position 4. It worked fine without it!

Pin 1 = blank

Pin 2 = black

Pin 3 = red

Pin 4 = green or blank

Pin 5 = yellow

Pin 6 = blank

I found the above diagram and wiring information on WPP Ltd. They have got some very useful information on their website regarding UK Telephone Extension Wiring.