I picked up a puncture this past week. My rear right tyre got screwed (literally). A lonely 18mm screw decided to lodge itself deep into my tyre.   There is a joke in here somewhere if I put a little more thought into this post. 😉

Fortunately I was able to drive on the tyre without much air escaping, but had decided to take it into Kwik-fit and have them look at it.  Our local Kwik-Fit is in London Road (next to Brent School), Stone DA2 6AS,  but here is a short breakdown of events this morning.

  • 8:45am – Called Kwik-Fit and explained to Matt the problem. Matt was very helpful and mentioned the tyre might be able to be repaired, but I should bring it in for a check and peace of mind. He also told me the price for a repair and new tyre. He told me I could bring in my car now.  I told him I would be there in 15 minutes.
  • 9:00am –  Drove my car onto the ramp.
  • 9:01am – 9:14am – Matt removed the screw from the inner wall,  unfortunately it could not be repaired, so a new tyre was put on (the same as all my other 3 month old tyres. Sad but true, we only just replaced them).
  • 9:15am – Paid and drove home.
  • 9:20am – Home.

I couldn’t ask for a better service. We have always had our tyres replaced by Kwik-Fit and it is for this reason alone they are the best in the business.