No we haven’t been sucked into a great big black hole, it’s just been a busy few weeks and June was extremely hectic what with 3 concerts (Bon Jovi, Green Day and Glastonbury), and all the football from the World Cup in South Africa.

Glastonbury was fun although it started off with a mini disaster. I mistakenly placed my non waterproof camera into my pocket and then placed a tin of beer in the top pocket only for it to tip over and of course my camera was below it! No more camera and no photos of Glastonbury. Well I got a few from my mobile phone (Nokia N95), which appear to be OK.

Camping was awesome with James, Glenn & Ronelle and Shane oh! and Pammie (blow up doll). Talk about having confidence in the weather, we even brought along our very own swimming pool and placed it in the middle of our tents. It was the talking point for most people wallking past us. The weather was boiling hot for the entire 5 days that we were there – not many people that have been to Glastonbury in the past can say that!

There was so much going on

and tons of stuff to to see, some weird and some amazing.

So many places to eat and drink. You got to go if you’ve never been before. It is such an experience.

Sadly the choice of crowd singing bands were CRAP to say the least. (my opinion).

So some of us decided to do some crazy pole climbing.

I only wanted to see U2 and they pulled out a month before the show because Bono hurt his back (poor rock star). However the Edge did show up right at the end of Muse’s gig and played  “The streets with no name”.  The crowd went mental and were singing along. It was an amazing few minutes.

There were a few semi decent bands on the various stages namely Dizzee Rascal, Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Muse, Scissor Sisters, Jackson Browne, Lightning Seeds, Stevie Wonder, Faithless, Jack Johnson, Ray Davies, Slash, Norah Jones, The Flaming Lips, Florence and the Machine, La Roux, The Stranglers, Magic Numbers, to name but a few.