My apologies for the lack of posts this week.  I haven’t really found the time to post anything because I’ve been so busy with the new job. It’s been a big lifestyle change, especially now that I have to get up at some sparrow fart time (early), take the train into London Charing Cross, work hard for 10 hours , then back home on the train, eat supper, and go to bed. Free time seems non existent at the moment. It should get better I am told. btw: the job is going really well. I’ve learnt so much in the past two weeks.

So what has been happening with the Bowen’s you may ask? – Well if you read above, not much!, but yesterday I received my electric guitar. Wt? – Yes I am going to learn how to play a musical instrument, which is not that outrageous as I have played the piano in my youth and messed around with a harmonica. Anyway, I saw a fantastic deal on Ebuyer, for an electric guitair at a dizzy price of £40. Nuts hey! – It came with an amplifier, a bag, a strap, three of those plastic things incase you have no fingernails like me (ha ha), and a flute thing . All I need now is a "learn to play guitar" and I’ll be the next Richie Sambora in no time at all.

This weekend is Glorious Goodwood and as I did last year, I am heading down there with a couple of mates. We have hired a luxury coach with drinks and TV  and music etc… It’s going to rock all the way there. Of course one can’t go to the races and not have a flutter on horses. Last year I picked two winners by fluke and one £150, so I will be trying again this year.

On Sunday it’s the F1 Hugarian GP. I am hoping Schumacher can continue his run of "brilliance" and show that little Spaniad a thing or two about driving a F1 car. I am quite sure he has the edge over him already, Scummie just has to keep winning and the crown will be his.