On the train home one couldn’t help but notice that yobs had used a black and red marker pen and had gone to town defacing the train with slogans, logos, and telephone numbers.


To make matters worse, they didn’t just write on the back of chairs, they also chose to write on every window in the carriage, on the ceiling, below the information board, above the door… basically where ever there was a bit of space.


It just beggars belief that someone could stoop so low and destroy property that is there to service normal, hardworking people to and from work. It’s very sad that someone has a child out there that cares so little for the property of others.

If only our laws were alot stricter and punishment was a lot more severe for these hooligans.

Why is it that the government is blinded by all the problems and have no answers or solutions?

Bring back corporal punishment, public lashing, or compulsory army for youngsters who break the law. We need to make these hooligans stop and think before they damage and wreck property. I would even go one step further and say, if kids are caught graffitting trains, walls and buildings that the authorities do what they do in other countries (Chop off their hands). That will soon stop all these problems. We need more severe punishment or these problems will never go away.