What is happening in the financial markets is not great? Hell it’s down right terrible, but why should any government or tax payer bail out these banks and financial institutes when they have been so reckless with other peoples money?

Look around and you will see a lot of people with houses they can’t afford, cars that have been paid for on credit cards, debt up to their eye balls, and yet when times get hard and belts get tighter, and house prices are dropping faster than a lead balloon, why should they not have their houses & cars reposessed because they can’t afford the payments and why should the banks and mortgage companies who dished out those ridiculous loans now beg for a bail out?    That doesn’t seem fair at all.

All this talk of a $700 billion bail out and I see the house of representitives in the US has voted against the bail out plan. Mmm, I see it was Bush and McCains party that voted against the bail out. Surely that is a major backfire for both of them. What does it say about McCain?

Here is an interesting poll on CNN: